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  • Gabrielle (The Hot Yoga Doctor)
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    Hello Gabrielle,

    I have heard a few different guesstimations, but am wondering if maybe you know…
    About how many calories are burned for an average adult female doing a 90 minute Bikrams session? Thanks.
    Posted by Danielle on 01/21 at 09:06 AM

    Update 2015: BTW: Although this is an old thread, it is SO popular, thousands drop by here daily! So the information is very relevant. Read on!

    Hello Danielle

    Re calories:
    Thanks for asking that EXTREMELY popular question. You definitely burn a lot more than regular yoga, that’s for sure. Before we get down to the actual numbers, I think that it’s important to have the right focus. So …

    What I like to tell my students is this:
    1) don’t let numbers rule your experience. Throw away the scales. Don’t worry about weight, or BMI.
    2) notice the changes as your systems stabilize, and your body functions better, maybe minimizing or ridding yourself of conditions or pain
    3) notice the way your body tones and your clothing fits (maybe changing shape and dropping sizes)
    4) notice how you feel more vital physically mentally and emotionally
    5) notice that others notice the changes and wonder what you are doing.

    Stay tuned. I will reconfirm my numbers and I will get back to you pronto!

    Thanks for the question
    Gabrielle :)

    Gabrielle (The Hot Yoga Doctor)
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    Hello Danielle

    Here’s some info to add to the above post:
    regular hatha yoga classes burn about 290-350 calories.

    A Bikram Yoga class burns from 500-1000 calories…

    [em]You can plug in your own numbers in our [/em]
    New Calorie Counter, right here!

    Gabrielle :)

    Gabrielle (The Hot Yoga Doctor)
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    I have found a great calculator that lets you know according to your gender, height and weight exactly how many calories you burn during 90 minutes of bikram yoga. It is (you do have to sign up but it’s free!), under the tools is an activity/exercise list and if you search “bikram” – click on conditioning exercise – Bikram Yoga, enter your details and change it from 1 hour to 1.5 hours and calculate it will give you an estimation! I think it’s the most accurate calculator I’ve found!

    There is another site but only has “gentle” or “vigorous” yoga as options – no Bikram. This one is good for figuring out other types of exercising.

    I have to say that I LOVE my Bikram Yoga! Thanks for all of the great information and keep up the great work!! :o)

    -Heidi. :cheese:
    Posted by Heidi on 01/22 at 11:53 AM

    Thank you Heidi for doing the research!
    Gabrielle :)

    Robert Scanlon (Webmaster)
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    Just FYI – I’ve put the new calorie calculator up on our sister site – you can also compare other activities such as other yoga, walking, running and swimming.

    See it at:

    Yoga Calories Burned Calculator



    PS. We’re not all that preoccupied with calories ourselves, preferring to take a holistic view of a balanced diet, reducing stress levels with good lifestyle planning, regular yoga (hot of course) and an eye on the body shape. Throw away the scales and any other form of measurement, that’s what I say!

    It’s how you feel on the inside that matters … that’s why we also love this yoga!

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    Monitoring Calories Burned during your workout routine could be really helpful in keeping you motivated. I use this website that tells you how many calories were burned during the exercise you did that day burned [link removed]

    Robert Scanlon (Webmaster)
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    Please note the self-serving link was removed. Our position on calories is quite clear – toss them out.

    But if you are still curious about how a Hot Yoga or Bikram class compares – use our own calculator here:

    Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga Calories Burned

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    What formula do you use in your calorie calculator? Is it all based on estimation? Based on the calculator, I am able to burn 1055 calories in a 90 min bikram yoga. If that is true, I will try to do more often than two times a week.

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    it really depends on how hot the studio is how acclimatized you are and many many other variables like weight and vo2 max and resting heart rate …….. to give you an idea though
    according to my monitor I burn roughly a little less than in a 60 min cardio session depending on how hard i push in class.(thats when I do a do a class in my sauna studio) and it feels like it !!!!! if it does not feel like its challenging you…. then its not ….. use your bodies intuition to tell you how hard you’ve just worked !!!

    Robert Scanlon (Webmaster)
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    Hey jtcb – sorry for the delay in replying to that one!

    The formula is based on this one:

    Where the METS for Bikram Yoga is estimated at 10 (not my figure – it’s what was provided).

    I’ve seen some enormous differences in calculations -and FWIW I think 1,000 calories in one 90-min class is perfectly reasonable.

    But as I’ve said before, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

    Here’s an analogy:

    If you think of “calories-in” the same way as gas/petrol into a car – ie “fuel”.
    Now imagine two cars the exact same weight, with the same engine capacity traveling the same distance.

    If we use the same weight loss calorie expenditure principle then the cars should both use exactly the same amount of fuel – and the answer of course is that they may or may not!

    To carry on the analogy – some people may have a more finely “tuned” body; some may have fuel conservation methods; some may be running too lean or too rich; some may use incorrect fuel …

    Anyway, I think you get my drift! (Disclaimer: I’m not a dietitian, only a pure chemist from way back & web-nerd who loves yoga)

    Hope the METS calc was helpful in any case.



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    I’ve been doing Bikram and other forms of hot yoga for about 6 months and love the results. Never worried much about how many calories were burned… but I do admit to always being a bit curious, since there are so many different estimates out there.

    I also run and have wanted a heart rate monitor for training purposes, just recently got one. The monitor I got also measures calories (it’s a high end model). Just for kicks I wore it to Bikram last night – I burned 721 calories (I’m 5’11” 136 lbs). It was FAR more than I was expecting. Then again, I work my butt off during Bikram, I don’t sit out any poses. I think the way you approach your practice would effect how many calories you are actually burning.

    It wasn’t very comfortable doing yoga with that chest strap on, so I won’t be doing it again – but at least I have a little more fuel when people mention yoga as a “joke” when it comes to hard-core exercise! Burning 720 calories in 90 mins is no joke!

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