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    How soon after getting a tattoo is it safe to return to hot yoga? Does anyone have any experience with this? I want to return as soon as I can, its been difficult missing out the past five days.

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    give it just a couple of days …. you dont need a full week like going into hot tub or swimming but it is still pretty moist in there LOL I have gotten many and have had no problems. just avoid touching it and letting it rub on mat or towel ect. when you are done just dab it carefully.
    where is it???

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    Its on my right scapula. It used to be a butterfly but it needed to be covered, it looked dreadful, so I had a lotus flower put on it. (I love it) It is starting to dry out now so I will give it until Thursday and head back to yoga! Thanks for your quick response!

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    Are you a quick healer?

    stay out of the hot room for at least a week. When you go back, take it easy on that area for at least another week. for example, if the tattoo is on your arm, don’t stretch that arm like you usually do in ardha chandrasana, just lift it up slightly. if there are bright colors, you really don’t want your sweat making them fade while it’s healing.

    you spent a lot of money on that new tattoo, don’t mess it up by stretching the skin while it’s healing!

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