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FREE SHIPPING! Hot Yoga MasterClass Pack


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Recommended: Hot Yoga MasterClass FULL COLOR (Paperback) Package! (Normally $99.95!)


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That is:

1 x 304-Page Full Color Manual (Normally $79.95)

1 x DVD Volume One (Normally $39.00)

2 x CDs 90-Minute Audio Class (Normally $32.99)

1 x Bonus MP3 90-Minute Audio Class (Normally $14.99 … FREE!)

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So What Exactly IS
The Hot Yoga MasterClass™?

Imagine a high-quality, US-Letter-sized manual (I’ll tell you exactly what is in the DVD and CDs a little later) filled with 744 large, high quality photos and plain-english explanations for every step – INCLUDING common mistakes and how to fix them – and you’re starting to get a sense of what I’ve put together for you.

Here’s what’s in it:

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ is a 304-page high-quality hot yoga reference manual.

Hot Yoga Manual

  • A 54 page “beyond the poses” section covers “everything you need to know” (and this is not just for beginners – I’ve had advanced students look at the material and uncover a ton of new things to try!)
  • This section also includes a full chapter on the most common injuries and conditions – and the general modifications required. Where this is specific to only one or two poses, it is cross-referenced and shown in detail in the specific pose chapter.
  • Then, chapter-by-chapter I take apart each and every pose, using the following format:
    • The Essentials
    • What Makes This Pose So Difficult To Get Right?
    • The Technique
    • Common Mistakes And How To Fix Them

I’ll expand on these various sections in a moment … but first I need to tell you about the most amazing thing … the photos and why they will really make the difference.

Every Precise Detail
Is Meticulously Demonstrated
With Full Color
Hi-Definition Photography

There are over 740 professionally photographed pictures in the manual (744 to be exact). I spent literally weeks and weeks sifting through the MANY THOUSANDS of shots we took over many days, to find EVERY ANGLE that would make the difference in showing you the exact technique.

I’ve included ALL the subtleties and nuances I’ve learned and taught over the years (believe me, some of these are not so easy to photograph!). We had to use a trick set-up with 3-cameras and a fourth roving camera to catch every aspect of every pose as we photographed our models (real students just like you and I) demonstrating them.

ALL “technique” shots are LARGE PHOTOS – this makes it very easy to see the incredible detail.

The technique photos are deliberately larger to make it very easy to stand up, try them out and see them from a distance.

The “models” are regular yoga students, just like you and I. Normal bodies. Some flexible, others less so. (Of course I think they do look gorgeous in their outfits too …).

Mistakes discussed are also shown photographically. Sometimes we had to stop because we were laughing so much trying to do something “deliberately wrong” – but the result was worth the effort.

You’ll see EXACTLY what not to do – but more importantly you’ll also see HOW TO CORRECT IT.

Each pose chapter is “color-coded” – so it is easy to reference quickly. Even the clothing is color-coded for consistency.

The manual is designed to be a lasting practical tool which will still look great on your coffee table in years to come.

Each Pose Chapter Is Divided
Into Easy To Follow Sections

So let me explain the sections in more detail – one of which I think is the absolute key.

“The Essentials”

An overview of the main elements of the posture, The “Essentials” helps you get clearly focused on the main pose objectives.

“What Makes This Pose
So Difficult To Get Right?”

Funnily enough, it isn’t always the obvious challenge in certain poses that makes them tricky to get “just right “. I’ve singled out what I’ve found to be the real key (or keys in many cases) to making the pose work effectively, no matter what depth you practice to.

“The Technique”

This is where the rubber meets the road – this section literally takes you step-by-step through the pose:

  • How To Set Up
  • How To Get Into The Pose
  • What You Should Be Experiencing
  • How To Get Out Of The Pose
  • … and more!

There is really too much to list here, but I also reference the best breathing rhythm for the pose and various other tips and techniques to guide you through the posture.

Each and every step is accompanied by photographs demonstrating that exact step.

It is also color-coded so the steps stand-out on the page – this makes it super-easy to follow each step as you are practicing the pose.

Where there are variations between “sets”, or there is a “deeper version” these are included here.

To My Knowledge, The Information
In This Section Of The Manual Is
Not Available Anywhere Else:

“Common Mistakes
And How To Fix Them”

I believe this is totally unique! I have never seen a yoga book – let alone a hot yoga manual – where so much detailed effort has been put into showing photos of REAL PEOPLE doing the poses WRONG … along with text and photos of HOW TO FIX THEM.

I have put every ounce of my years of discovery into this section – every pose chapter includes this, including Savasana – so if there’s a common mistake you’ve come across and have been wondering how to fix it, you’ll most likely find it in this section!

Where possible, I’ve placed the mistake and the “correct alignment” together, with a checkmark (tick) on the correct pose so it’s easy to find.

ALL mistake photos are bordered so they are clearly differentiated from the much larger “technique” photos.

You’ll always be clear which is which!

Also in the “common mistakes” section are some “gray areas”. Not everyone’s body can do every pose in the way it is intended, so there ARE exceptions where a modification can “look” like a mistake, when it isn’t. Where this is the case, I spell out acceptable modifications, along with photos labeled with an asterisk (*).

common mistakes

Large, Easy To Read Format

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ is a deliberately large paperback.

This is so you can extract maximum detail from each high-definition picture. We used a three camera setup during the photo-shoots so that side, front and overhead photos could be taken while the student was in the pose. We also used a roving camera for super-duper detailed close-ups and funky angles.

I designed the manual in a large US-letter-sized paperback format so you can gain maximum benefit from all these amazing photos!

hot yoga masterclass

The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ DVD

Yes … it’s true, you can’t learn everything from a book!

Sometimes, to obtain the maximum benefits, you need to hear the instructions AND see the image at the same time.

So I’ve made a very unique DVD to help you really FOCUS.

yoga dvd

What Makes This DVD Unique?

Because they use the live soundtrack from my classes! You’ll hear me instructing the very details explained in the manual – and you’ll also hear this in a live environment with real students (I even mention them by name during the class!).

I deliberately did NOT video-tape a live class, because, in my opinion, this makes it difficult, if not impossible to show ALL angles, and every correction visually.

Quite uniquely, I have gone a few steps further and put crystal-clear detailed and precise photographic demonstrations at each exact point on the DVD where the audio track mentions them (watch the snippet at and you’ll see what I mean).

DVD Benefits

  • You can play the DVD as a stand-alone class. Or you can use it as a reference that you will come back to time and time again.
  • Bullet point text appears at key moments to reinforce your quick understanding.
  • “Right” and “wrong” pose alignments are shown with green checks (ticks) and red crosses – no mistaking which is which.
  • The background is pure white. No unnecessary distractions.
  • I also had this DVD made so you can navigate directly to ANY POSE you wish to see specifically! (Just like a “scene selection” in a movie.)
  • Even more exciting is that the DVD contains class variations!

Running out of time? Wish you had a 60-min class? Simply use the DVD menu, select your class variation, press “play” … and you’re good to go!

Here’s EXACTLY What’s In The DVD:

  • A 35-minute class
  • A 60-minute classHot Yoga MasterClass DVD Volume One
  • A 75-minute class
  • A 90-minute class
  • An all standing poses “class” (double set)
  • An all floor poses “class” (double set)
  • Pose-by-pose menu selection


Total “running time” (all class variations): 5 hrs 50mins

*The DVD is REGION FREE, professionally pressed and printed (not burned) and will play on any DVD Player or Computer and on both NTSC and PAL systems.

So … How Can You
Lay Your Hands On This Material?

And I’m sure you’re also thinking … “how much is this all going to cost?”.

To be honest, I’ve had marketing experts who have seen the Hot Yoga MasterClass™ manual tell me that up to $350 is not unreasonable for such detailed and highly photographic material of a limited nature. I guess they must be thinking about the text-books they had to purchase at Harvard!

No … it’s way less than that!

I started practicing hot yoga May of 2010. I have the most wonderful, supportive, helpful and knowledgeable teacher.

I found a link to Gabrielle’s website on my teacher’s website. I was so impressed at the sheer volume of amazing info in one place. FREE!!

I debated purchasing the master Class because I have been let down in the past with other yoga/fitness purchases. This one was a little pricier than most. I also felt I was spending enough money on myself with classes.

I just have to tell you that even if this package cost 10 times what it does it would be worth it.

Bravo Gabrielle. She is “The Master”! Questions about my practice can pop up anytime.

How wonderful to be able to find the answer so quickly.

I have not had one yet that the MC hasn’t been able to answer in a clear and decisive way. Thanks a million gabrielle

Christine F

My aim is to keep the manual down to about the price of a typical monthly pass or around 6 classes (class prices vary enormously by the way!).

This Is Valuable,

You can do the sums for yourself: You could go to class 5 times per week for up to a year. In that time, you would literally spend well over $1,000 on monthly passes but STILL not make the kind of IMMEDIATE improvements that other owners of The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ are raving about.

Your Iron-Clad Guarantee

100% Guaranteed! I am so certain that you will love this package that I’m giving you my 100% satisfaction guarantee*!I guarantee that if The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Manual does NOT improve your practice way more than 15 classes ever could, then I’ll give you a 100% refund! (You have a full 60-days under my Guarantee*. Does not include shipping.)

arrow For A *Very* Limited Time Only arrow

I know from the feedback already given to me by many happy students that it is the COMBINATION of the Manual and DVDs that ACCELERATES your breakthroughs – and your enjoyment of all the wonderful benefits.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and make you a special offer if you order today – AND I’ll even include an extra 90-minute Class on MP3!:

hot yoga masterclass free videos

hot yoga dvd and manual masterclass

For a limited time only – every copy of the Color Paperback Package purchased from our site also comes with a BONUS 90-Minute MP3 (Valued at $14.99).Perfect for traveling; put it on your iPod, iPhone, “Tablet of choice”… and this is the same 90-Minute Class as the DVD: Practice to the audio; learn from the DVD!

Bonus 90-minute MP3

(*Be quick. Free Worldwide Shipping limited time. Only while stocks last.)

Yes Please! I’d Like The
>> 304-Page Hot Yoga MasterClass <<
Full Color Manual,
>> The Hot Yoga MasterClass DVD <<
>> And 2 x CDs FREE <<
For Just $99.95!
(Save $51.99)

AND … For A Limited Time …

>> Bonus 90-Minute MP3 <<
(Normally $14.99)

I purchased the whole set…2 DVD’s and the manual. WOW; 5 STARS! I go to classes regularly, and the Hot Yoga manual helps me so much.

It has put me up a level in my practice. Studying the manual and also practicing with the CD’s has brought an awareness to my practice that I didn’t understand as thoroughly in my classes.

One reason is that my classes are confined to a time limit; when I practice at home, I can study one asana with the manual and have the time to discover and go deeper.

I treasure this set. I live in the U.S. (Cleveland, Ohio), but one day I’ll go and seek out Gabrielle in person. That would be awesome!

Laura S.

Remember You have My

100% Guaranteed!

I am so certain that you will love this package that I’m giving you my 100% satisfaction guarantee*!

I guarantee that if The Hot Yoga MasterClass™ Manual does NOT improve your practice way more than 15 classes ever could, then I’ll give you a 100% refund! (You have a full 60-days under my Guarantee*. Does not include shipping.)

“Yes! I Understand I Will Receive
>> The 304-Page Manual <<
>>The Hot Yoga MasterClass DVD <<
>> And 2 x CDs FREE <<
So Please Send Me EVERYTHING <<
For Just $99.95!”

I also receive a
>> Bonus 90-Minute MP3 <<
valued at $14.99

FREE Shipping Worldwide*!

*Free Shipping is for a limited time only and dependent on stock availability.


Here’s what Thomas, Diane and Lennie – all long-time students – said:

“I was introduced to Bikram yoga during college back in 1980 when he released his orange book (no longer published, I believe). “

“The instruction in this book excelled my practice beyond my expectations. The breakdown and explanation of poses far surpasses Bikram’s books.”

“This book has made my practice 100% better, more enjoyable and much more beneficial. I have corrected a number of things I was doing wrong! It is worth every penny!”


“I have been practing bikram yoga a little over 2 years. I love hot yoga. I was not making progress with my pratice. I spoke with the teachers they were very nice but not a lot of help.”

“I finally feel I am making real progress. The detailed breakdown of the postures helps so much. In one of the postures I had not understood at all what I needed to be doing. Therefore, I never felt anything. Now that I am doing it correctly I do feel it.”


“A problem that I could not seem to fix for 7 months (even with private lessons) was resolved when I read page 45.”


By my calculations, you’d actually save money – less classes needed to “learn” – more classes getting the REAL benefits you are going for!

No more class after class wondering if you “got something right”.

No more trying to get hold of a busy teacher to discuss “something that doesn’t feel quite right” or a pose you “just don’t get”.

And no need to spend tons of money on private lessons (typically anywhere from $100 to $225 per lesson) – because ALL you need is in The Hot Yoga MasterClass™.

More From Hot Yoga MasterClass Customers:


I just received my Master Class order. I wanted to tell you that I am more than impressed!! I have been teaching Bikram yoga for 5 years. The Master Class will be a great resource.

I do value the Bikram training, I learned a lot about myself, but I have learned to teach from teaching.

The strict dialogue used in most classes doesn’t touch on all of the important information that you have included in your book. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the Master Class. The book is beautiful as well as informative. I’m also excited to take the classes on the DVDs, I am in the process of building my home studio.

Thank you!!



the Hot Yoga Master Class has arrived.

I am very impressed!

I had seen the dvd ‘samples’ so pretty much already had an idea they were great. But the book was even better than expected, and so very beautiful.

Thank you again : )

Better log off and grab “a book”…….

: ) : ) : ) Kathrine

*Guarantee is subject to Terms And Conditions, please see Terms link in footer : )

213 reviews for FREE SHIPPING! Hot Yoga MasterClass Pack

  1. Julie McNulty

    Hi Gabrielle! I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher certification in Feb. 2017. I have been practicing Bikram Hot Yoga since 2010, and I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to teach hot yoga. I’ve seen first hand how it has changed me in so many ways, not to mention the incredible benefits of this yoga sequence and the hot room! At my teacher training, I learned a lot in a short amount of time, but I felt like I needed more knowledge of the postures and the anatomy to safely teach others.The manual, dvds, and mp3 are exactly what I needed to enhance my yoga teacher training. This is the best reference material out there. I’ve been actually teaching hot yoga now for over a year. I turn to your books and dvd’s daily; I make it a practice to study each posture, even making myself some flash cards of each posture, hi-lighting information so that I can bring the information to my students. I compare your information to the information in my teacher training manual, and it’s basically the same information in each manual every time (give or take a few different words). I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Hot Yoga Doctor Master Class package. Whether you’re a student looking to deepen your own practice, or a teacher looking for more information to bring to your students and enhance your teaching, if you don’t already own the books, dvds, etc., it’s a very wise purchase. Money and time well-spent. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gabrielle!

  2. Robert Tulip (verified owner)

    Dear Gabrielle
    Thank you so much for the Hot Yoga Masterclass Package. It is superb. I have been doing Bikram Yoga for one year and have been absolutely loving the benefits to my body and mind. Bikram Yoga has enabled me to get back into running, at age 54, by fixing the soreness of my leg tendons, and has given me the mental focus to improve my diet and overall health, so that I have largely cured my long-term health problem of heartburn and reflux. The integrated benefits of strength, flexibility and balance with the intense but manageable discipline really clean out and improve the whole physical system. The Masterclass Package takes the regular classwork to another level, by addressing numerous detailed points of technique and goal, based on years of meticulous experience and observation. Gabrielle’s scientific approach is very welcome, bringing a systematic evidence-based method to bear on hot yoga. Although I have not finished reading the whole book, I look forward to doing so, as it is one of the most valuable investments of my time I could imagine. As well as the small points of detail (e.g., spend most time in the full posture, don’t let your teeth touch!) the overall safety benefits of explaining the need for good foundations etc mean the Hot Yoga Masterclass book is a form of insurance against injury, and of course the cost of treating injury far outweighs the small cost of time and money in reading the Masterclass book.

  3. Ruth Chalk (verified owner)

    Hi Gabrielle
    Thank you for a wonderful instructional set of products. Exactly what I needed to complement the excellent teaching I receive from my local Bikram Yoga studio.
    I would also like to complement Robert on the personalised customer service he provided – could not have been better!

  4. Valerie

    A wonderful book. There is a lot to know that does not get said during class. This book fills in the gaps and answered a lot of questions I had about the poses. Thanks!

  5. Elisabeth Birkeland

    Love the book. There are so many details to listen to during class. Now I can read up at home and improve pose by pose. I learn something new every time I open the book😊

  6. cyndi sizemore

    Fresh out of teacher training..Learned a lot in a short amount of time but felt like I needed more knowledge of the postures and the anatomy to safely teach others..The manual, dvds, and mp3 was the the missing piece to the puzzle. This is the best reference material out there.

  7. murray moody (verified owner)

    Great detail for each and every part of the sequence. I left it at my Bikrams school and went on vacation for a month, I came back from holidays it had quite a bit of wear on it. Nothing but positive reviews on it detail. I just wish I had found this book first. It should be the last Hot Yoga book I need.
    Only thing I can say bad about the book is the red and white shirt on the white background makes a few details hard to spot.
    The DVD and CD are good accompaniments to the book.

    If you do hot yoga buy this book.

  8. Angi Maiocchi (verified owner)

    Hello Gabrielle, I’ve so long searched for a Hot Yoga DVD. You have make my Dream comes true!!! Your Instruction and Describes are more than perfect! After the Class I feel so happy, well and powerful. Thank you so much. I cant’t be whitout Bikram. I will take my DVD and Book everywhere I go, so that I can practice Yoga everywhere and anytime!
    Gabrielle, you are so nice and friendly. Thank you so much for your help and that you send your DVD all over the World! You are an Angel and I wish you only the best!
    Angi from Switzerland

  9. K. Hood (verified owner)

    As a true beginner to yoga I highly recommend the products. I continually use the book to help me correct many postures after going to class. After reading them I try the suggested recommendations and immediately feel different in the poses and make further progress every week! Great supplement to local classes I attend.

  10. Dave Anthony

    Sorry, I didn’t see the stars! I’m teaching three classes today, one down, two to go!

  11. Dave Anthony

    Can you say, Phenomenal!!! Worth three times the price, I sincerely just like the fact that Gabrielle was willing to step outside the box and ask the questions and explore what in many cases is missing from many hot yoga classes. I enjoy the tone of her voice when giving the dialogue, I love being pushed, but appreciate the subtle and gentle reminder to all that we do the best we can, either as beginners or just on any given day. I am a 5 year, 4-5 times a week practitioner and still have days where I just am not in my element. Thank you so much Gabrielle, keep up the good work.

  12. Andrew Penman.

    Hi Gabrielle, I jst want to say that I’ve been studying Yoga for 20 plus years and I find your layout easy to follow and correct postures done step by step, easy to do. I had an accident in March 1989 where I was knocked down on Canton bridge Cardiff WALES. I was in a Coma for 4 and a half weeks leaving hospital in a wheelchair after 5 months. I underwent my own training regime after my physio Debbie Harris got mw on my feet and said the REST IS UP TO YOU. I’ve been doing AIKIDO , Swimming Tai-CHi and Yoga and I find the yoga masterclass easy to follow. regards Andrew penman.

    p.s. I had my accident whgen I was nearly 26 i’m now 53 so I’ve spent a quarter of a century HEALING mY BODY.

    I hope this is alright gabrielle, I did a review when you first asked. ? Could’ent have got through. ? I rate yoga Master Class 10 out of 5. HE HE

  13. Andrew Penman

    Hi Gabrielle, I had a BRAIN INJURY in March 1989, I was in a COMA for 4 and a half weeks, going through many levels of consciousness and various hospitals. After getting on my feet after being in a wheelchair I started on a training regime. I started with SWIMMING , tai-chi and yoga after about 3 years I started AIKIDO. Anyway I went to THAILAND and got married and lived there fir 2 years and did BIKRAM YOGA , AIKIDO and SWAM. Recently I came across your add on the Internet and bought your HOT YOGA MASTERCLASS and i’m finding it really helpful being taken through the movements STET BY STEP.
    Also 2 D.V.D’s. Its really IMPROVING my postures. RATING 11 out of 10. he he

  14. Raj (verified owner)

    Namaste Gabrielle,
    Ever since I received my book, DVD and the audio materials, I have been one happy hot yoga yogini! I am learning so much from your in-depth, detailed explanations of the asanas and your style of teaching is like a breath of fresh air in the world of hot yoga! I have been practicing Bikram yoga since 2003 and regret not getting this program years ago. Better late than never…..I am so glad I decided to finally order your program. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Will keep you posted on my progress as I learn from such a dedicated and amazing mentor.
    With deepest gratitude!

  15. john prichard (verified owner)

    The book is excellent. The DVD disappointing, just a voice over static pictures

  16. Susan Angeline (verified owner)


    Dear Gabrielle,

    I am completely satisfied with the purchase of the Hot Yoga MasterClass book, DVD and audio tapes. The book is very informative regarding the various yoga positions and proper alignment. It has also enabled me to improve my practice in the comfort of my own home. I sincerely appreciate your great tips, feedback, and personal responses to my emails. It is very obvious that you are truly dedicated to your work, and devoted to help others along the way! Thank you for your ongoing support! It is greatly appreciated! 🙂

  17. grace (verified owner)

    Love the book and dvd. The information in the book has helped my practice improve so much. So many helpful hints to make my yoga so much more, I’m able to hold my poses longer and am enjoying it. Thank you

  18. Gonzalo (verified owner)

    Everything perfect.

    It helped me a lot!

    Thank you very much!

  19. Joan

    I have been practicing for almost 15 years, and hearing Gabrielle’s voice is a welcome change to the standard “dialogue.” She’s thoughtful and creative and focusses on the important things–physiology, pitfalls, helpful tips–not just what goes where. There are very few instructors who think beyond the correct posture to think about the journey, not just the destination. The DVD, the audio classes, and the book are terrific aids for anyone serious about hot yoga.

  20. Luigi

    Gabrielle Raiz did an AMAZING job with the Hot Yoga
    MasterClass package! There are plenty of books about yoga, many are great, but THIS ONE is absolutely the BEST I have read in my life!because it is so complete, nothing is missing, every aspect of hot yoga is taught with precision,detail,understanding, it’s just like hot yoga is a diamond and Gabrielle teaches and explains every facet of this diamond.If you had to buy just one book about yoga, buy this one!as a 500h certified yoga teacher, I highly recommend the package to anyone who wants to know more about hot yoga!

  21. Jennie

    I have been very pleased with the Master class package. I have had whiplash x5 times, so have a very sensitive neck and back. I have found that after some classes I felt great and other times I would have neck and shoulder tension. It is particularly important for me that my shoulders and neck are placed correctly, and this package goes through all the finer points of each posture- also the introductory chapters cover the ‘set up’ really well. I have not had neck pain following a class since reading this book. It has also given me the confidence to deepen some postures- particularly back bends. I haven’t tried the dvd or cds yet- I really just wanted the book.

  22. Geri

    I am very pleased with my recent purchase of the Hot Yoga Master Class package. I am a newbie and wanted to learn the correct way to practice. The hard copy book is beautifully photographed and instructions are precise and easy to follow. The DVD and Audio CD’s are crisp and clear. Gabrielle is encouraging and seems genuinely interested in helping one learn. Robert’s replies to e-mail questions regarding my order were kind, prompt and professional. I recently started Bikram classes and would have been lost without these materials.

  23. Pat

    The book is wonderful! So much good information. It will be a great help to my husband and me as we develop our practice. We just started hot yoga a few months ago, and we are of “a certain age,” so we need all the help we can get! The descriptions and the pictures are so helpful. This will be a reference we will use for a long time!

  24. Juli Borders

    Very happy with the very informative Hot Yoga master class book, CD’s and DVD. I started bikram yoga about 6 weeks ago. I knew that I needed more help with the poses and immediately went on line and found the hot yoga doctor. It has helped me so much and given me great focus with the poses. I would much rather do the poses correctly and prevent injury, take my time in learning and get the full benefit.
    Thank you so much, Gabrielle

  25. Kate

    Brilliant! Thank you so much, Gabrielle. I have only had the workbook, DVD and CDs for a couple of weeks (they arrived v promptly to the UK, thank you!) but the programme has already been life changing. Neck and lower back pain are a thing of the past. Previously I would walk out of class wondering why my lower back was so stiff and my neck felt unstable. With Gabrielle’s incredibly precise instructions I am able to decompress my neck before every pose, and approach the poses with confidence, knowing that I will receive nothing but benefits. Her hands at your side, palms facing forward pose is nothing short of a revelation in terms of opening the shoulders and relaxing the neck. Thank you, Gabrielle. I look forward to improving my practice steadily.

  26. Michael

    Very good book! Learn a lot. Each time I read this book I want to start feel it.

  27. tim

    Excellent book. Answers just about all the questions I have come up with over all the years of doing hot yoga. I haven’t used the audio cd and dvd’s yet.

  28. Corby

    I’m not quite a year into my hot yoga practice and feel I have a lot to learn and explore. The Hot Yoga Master Class is an ideal resource to guide me through fine tuning the poses, making some really important corrections and expanding my overall practice. I open the book EVERY day and always find valuable instruction or advice to bring to my practice. A great resource! Thanks!

  29. Fiona Stothart

    Just started hot yoga classes – wanted to make sure I was doing all the poses correctly. The book, cd & dvd have all been a great help. Am missing the classes but can now go back confident that I am doing poses correctly and won’t be doing any damage to my body. Thanks so much Gabrielle.

  30. Andrea Vardi

    So far I have just been doing the class from the DVD, and it immediately and significantly improved my poses. It’s already worth it, so I’m looking forward to the book.

  31. D’Ann Naugle

    I am returning to hot yoga after several years away from it. I find the book very helpful in jogging my memory for the poses, and love the dvd to prompt me during my practice. Thanks!

  32. sue

    Great book. Very informative, has helped heaps.

  33. Nadja

    Amazing book! Thank you!

  34. Karen

    Love, love, love, Gabrielle’s Hot Yoga Master Class materials. The book is very informative and helped me “learn” the poses and the CD and DVD are a fantastic alternative for when i can’t make it to the studio.

  35. Donna

    Everything about this resource is perfect. It is beautiful and well written, and the organization is great. If you want to know everything about Hot Yoga, this book is a must.

  36. Terri

    A friend turned me on to hot yoga as she has been doing the practice for 14 years and greatly benefitted from it. In my search for info. I came across Gabrielle’s Hot Yoga Master Class program. OMG! As a fitness instructor I am totally impressed with the detailed information, photos of correct (& not) poses, and the dedication she has put into this. As far as my practice, well, I’m still a newbie in progress.

  37. kelly hutson

    THANK GOD FOR THE HOT YOGA MASTER CLASS!! This has changed my life. I honestly believe that if I didnt purchase this I would have thrown in the towel…literally!! I have a room set up and I do it at home and did not think it would be so easy!! The way Gabrielle instructs is so thorough and easy to understand. Love it and I recommend the hot yoga master class to everyone!!!!

  38. Sarah

    I have done hot Bikram-style yoga for 2 years and just recently started teaching. I wanted to figure out how to go further in my practice, and also wanted the extra info so I could better teach my students. The Hot Yoga Master Class is really good at breaking down the postures, and has taught me many of the little “extras” that I have been missing. My practice has improved and I think my teaching has too! Thank you Gabrielle

  39. Rik

    The production quality, and depth of instruction in the book and DVDs are exceptional. Both are clearly presented with plenty of detail.. It’s also easy to find the place or section you are looking for. I teach martial arts and appreciate what it takes to prepare comprehensive lessons that are healthy, motivating, and uncompromising in the quality of the art itself.

  40. Dawn

    I have been very pleased with the Hot Yoga Master Class package! Since I am a complete beginner to any kind of yoga, I needed to wrap my head around the “how to do it” before I tried to do it. The very detailed manual has allowed me to do just that. In addition to the DVD and the audio tapes, I have everything I need to begin my successful journey into hot yoga! THANKS!

  41. Simon

    Hot yoga master class is great, I pick a posture to read before class and focus extra hard on doing it perfectly, my regular teacher has commented twice so far on the improvements in my posture! The book is thorough and complete, it has brought a new much needed extra dimension to my bikram!
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  42. Oxana

    I love this package! I am beginner in yoga and being practicing just ltl bit more than a year! This book is so helpful for me and some of my friends who i help with they yoga journey! As well its useful for other styles of yoga cause help u to learn listen to your body and go through poses with correct alignment! Its a beautifully made and easy to understand and put info to practice! So glad i got it! Thanks!

  43. Dora

    My Thumb up for this book. I have done Bikram for sometime now and I’m like every one earls I wanted to know more. That was when I found this book. The book is Fantastic. It is a great tool. I am so motivated that I have now started a group that I am helping too. The book is so detailed in explaining positions,helpful tips and the photos and the description of each pose. I highly recommend the package.

  44. greg

    I have done Bikram for 15 years…as a physician, I’ve always questioned the validity (and value) of the extensive heat/humidity and associated elevated heart rates — it is not aerobic exercise so it really does NOT provide aerobic fitness, i.e., running etc. Having said that, as I’ve aged, I have decided to NOT go to the studios which are so hot & humid, since many times I feel worse after a session than before due to the excessive heat…but rather, do the series in my own space where I can control the heat and humidity. There are absolutely NO clinical studies to support the
    heat is beneficial. The poses are great, and I truly believe have helped me keep a body much younger than my 60 yrs.

  45. Susan

    The book is great! I am a beginner and I found the book to be so detailed in explaining positions as well as so many helpful tips. I don’t know if I could have continued Bikram without it. I now am able to do so much more in class that’s to the photos as well as description of each pose. I highly recommend the package!

  46. Shawn

    My wife and I have always gone to a Bikram studio until we moved to far away. We were looking for a course online to continue our practice. We converted our bonus room into a studio. I was so excited to see the hot Yoga Master Class and that it came with video. I must say that we absolutely love our Master Yoga DVD and its almost like being in a live class. The whole package is exactly what we were looking for and the book is also very helpful. This is by far the best complete course on the market today!!! If you where looking don’t waste any more time this is the one to get!!!! Thanks Gabrielle….

  47. Tanya

    I started Bikram yoga a couple of months ago. Lots of poses are excruciatingly difficult for me, so finding any help outside the classroom was essential. The book is great for a novice, it is much easier not to develop bad habits rather than to get rid of them later. I’d highly recommend the book. Not too sure about the DVD or especially CDs value added to the book. But it’s me, if you are a teacher in training, I guess it might be more useful.
    Love the book, I am sure that will be my Bible for a very long time.

  48. Hannah

    I have done Bikram yoga for 7 years and really felt like I was really stuck in a rut. I wanted to figure out how to go further in my practice, but didn’t know how. The Hot Yoga Master Class has taught me so many of the little nuances that I have been missing. I am having breakthroughs in my practice and am loving my yoga again. Thank you Gabrielle for all of your hard work it is so appreciated!!

  49. Caroline

    A very comprehensive resource beautifully presented.
    Anyone interested in Hot Yoga would benefit from it.
    Competitively priced.
    I am very pleased to have purchased and will enjoy it as a constant resource.

  50. Karen

    Thank you, The Hot Yoga Master Class came in the last couple of weeks of my Level 1 teacher training in Hot Yoga. Working full-time (not in the yoga industry) I have only been able to get through a tiny bit of the book (it is fantastic, love the way you break down each pose), I have used the DVDs, CDs & Mp3s heaps to practice with in these last weeks of my training. I passed & now have my certificate. Thanks so much for your help.

    I am 57 years and I have only been doing Hot Yoga since September 2012, so a late starter, but so glad that I have finally found something that will not only shape my body, but work on the mind & spirit.

    The many tips on the DVDs, CDs & Mp3s have really made a difference to my practice. As I work through the book I am learning more each day. My Yogi here in Australia said that my practice has improved by ten years and I know that some of this comes from your DVDs, CDs & Mp3s and more will come from your book.

    Thank you

  51. Veronique

    It’s amazing how much my practice has improved, with the breakdown of every pose, what to work on, and how to gain the maximum benefits from each pose. This is truly a master class. I’ve heard some of the teachers quote directly from this book, and yes, I’ve heard some say the things that would cause the novice to make mistakes and hurt themselves.

    Thank you, Gabrielle, for putting this together. I especially love the emphasis on good form over depth. It makes so much sense! It’s worth every penny.

  52. Lani Nutt

    LOVE this package!! Last year I started this type of yoga and did it daily. I knew I loved it right away. Within three months I changed mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. People are always askinge what I was doing to have such wonderful improvements!
    Because of certain circumstances though, I couldn’t get all the way down to my favorite Bikrim classes and for months sadly drifted away.
    I was looking for online DVDs and found this package! Because I was very informed on poses before I felt so comfortable but can see how even a beginner can easily understand.
    Her voice is so soothing it truly helps in the physical meditation.

  53. Renee Mortell

    Wow, Wow, Wow, is all I can say! I received the Master class back in January and then my very best friend got cancer. I continued being by her side daily, my emotions and physical body got really out of whack. If not for Gabrielle’s Master Class program I dont think I would of made it through all these feelings! I was not able to go to class, but having this program at home, really helped to keep me focused and brave for whatever was ahead. One of my favorite things I have learned is elbows in the back pocket! My posture has been a real mess, and now people are asking me if I am taller, or if I have lost weight “giggle giggle” the difference I feel just working on my posture is amazing! I also have Arthritis and back problems and Gabrielles master class covers all of this! I look forward to learning and practicing for the rest of my life!!! Thank you Thank you for this program! Namaste Renee Mortell

  54. Sharon Knitter

    While I am fairly new to Bikram (started in December 2012), I try to go 5 days a week. Even with going that much, there are still poses that puzzle me, Adjustments that seem impossible and parts of the dialog that I don’t really understand. Gabriella’s Master Class is unbelievable. For the beginner and experienced yogi alike, you will find a wealth of information. I use the DVDs when I travel and there isn’t a Bikram studio that is convenient.

    The book is beautiful and I try to concentrate on one pose at a time. There is so much great information in it. You won’t regret your purchase.

  55. Sandy stinson

    Thank you so much Gabriella
    This is exactly what I have been
    Looking for , I even went so far
    To try and get a video man to
    Film my idol Carmen at Duncan
    Bikram yoga studio but he was worried
    About ruining his camera, but
    I was desperate for a video for
    By the time I drive half a hour to class
    And half a hour home plus class
    And shower I was over 3 hours
    Into every day now I just need to
    Figure out how to heat my space
    I will still go to class of course but
    I now have a chance of making it
    A daily part of my life

    Hot yoga is changing me organically
    I am for the first time in my life
    Addicted to exercise and this in turn is
    Some how making me more
    Aware of eating habits
    I am almost 60, and feeling the best
    I have in the past twenty years
    ‘néw tricks’ is now part of my
    Daily thought process

  56. suzanne szabo

    i am loving the dvd’s and book. they are super full of information that is practical, and, easy to understand and use. thanks for the coaching!

  57. Cindy

    I was advised to try Hot Yoga for migraine relief. I enrolled in Hot Yoga classes and not only found relief from migraines, but also I felt more energetic, healthy, and happy. But fitting in a 90 minute class several times a week was challenging. Class schedules were primarily during the day…. you know the rest. While researching Hot Yoga on the web I found Gabriella’s master class series and it has been a life saver. With Gabriella’s thorough instruction and the clear and detailed descriptions in her book I am able to continue my hot yoga practice in my home. One if the things I like best is the shorter versions of the class on the DVD. Instead of not doing any yoga on a day when I work late, I am able to fit in a condensed version, I am able to keep up my momentum and am back feeling happy, energetic, and healthy (and sans migraines)! Thanks Gabriella for sharing your love of yoga with all. Highly recommended.

  58. Tony

    The book is great and I have no hesitation in recommending it. A suprising omission however is Surya Namaskar. I would like to have seen its inclusion together with the suggestions for improving my practice which accompany other poses in the book.
    Notwithstanding this I find using the book has increased my understanding in striving for perfection in my Karate practice at age 73.


    Hi Tony

    Thanks for the great review. Just a quick word, my book is based on the yoga poses made popular by Bikram. So actually Sun Salutations are purposely not included! I do love doing them though! I am very happy that you can apply what you’ve learned to help your yoga and karate practices. 🙂

  59. Sonia

    This is truly THE MASTER class of education on the topic of “hot” yoga! I purchased the large hardcover book and am about half-way through it. There is SO MUCH information in it! I’m sure I’ll be returning to this over and over and over again as I refine my postures. I think it’s worth every penny!

  60. Maria

    The Hot Yoga Master Class is the best! I have been doing hot yoga of a few months and love it! I am setting up a home studio with the help of the book and will be using the dvds and audio to guide me. Now I will be able to go at my own pace in my own home without having to drive an hour to go to practice. Thanks Gabrielle!

  61. Keith

    My wife and I have been hot yoga addicts for about 3 years. We go about 5 times a week, and my wifes daughter is a bikram teacher, so hot yoga is a big topic in our house. I am 55 years old and although my practice is pretty good, I have a few challenges with the balance postures. I bought the masterclass package to help me specifically with standing bow. Reading through the beautiful book has given me many, many insights into other postures. I am sure we will get years of use out of this package. Thanks!

  62. Fay

    Wow! This Masterclass package is unique. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the manual and the DVDs. The manual is a large book with beautiful clear color photos showing the poses in detail followed by an explanation of the technique and common mistakes and how to fix them and more…! Personally for me … the benefits of this is huge as I like to practice at home in my own space and time..trying to understand each pose and the technique of doing it correctly. The DVDs are excellent and in my opinion it has been a very good buy….notwithstanding the initial reservation I had re the price tag. It is a very good reference book for hot yoga fans!
    Gabrielle you are amazing! Thank you!

  63. Tim Buie

    I’m currently working in Afghanistan and one of the gyms at Kandahar Air Field has a yoga class 2 nights a week. The manager and current teacher wanted to add a third class so I was asked to lead it. Honored and anxious, I needed help. That led me to and Gabrielle’s book, DVD and posters. I’m not a teacher, nor do I play one on TV but with the excellent aids I am able to have some structure to the class. I have viewed the DVD’s several times and I use the posters during class. Due to the weight restriction on flights in country, I haven’t taken the book with me to the other bases but I have begun to review it now that I’m back at home base. The book is quite large, very detailed and of excellent quality. Gabrielle has also given advice and tips by email. What more could you ask for! Thanks Gabrielle!

  64. Leslie

    Thank you so much for the beautiful MasterClass book! I followed your advice on opening up hamstrings and was able to continue practicing with a torn hamstring. Within 3 weeks, the hamstring was healed AND I was a lock-kneed-japanese-ham-sandwich! Amazing! I look forward to pouring over the book and growing my practice.
    I also want to thank you for your phenomenal customer service. When, through no fault of yours, the book arrived slightly damaged, you went out of your way to make things right. It’s so wonderful to deal with someone who so obviously takes pride in their work and stands by their product. Thanks so much!

  65. david hewitt

    Hi Gabrielle, i just want to thank you for offering this wonderful HOT YOGA Masterclass.It is one of the best investments I made for my practice.
    You sent so much important and useful information with concise instructions.My practice has already improved and I’ve barely got into it.
    But for sure, the manual is the materpiece.The step by step instructions for each pose are beautifully photographed and explained in detail.The manual alone is worth the cost.
    Thanks again for the masterclass I know it’s going to be great for my practice

  66. Kim

    I was really impressed with the presentation and quality of the MasterClass book and found there was an ‘aahhh’ moment on every page! I have more confidence now and actually enjoy my classes whereas before receiving the MasterClass book and DVDs it was something I endured! I have only been doing yoga for a few months but this book and the DVDs ensure I will be doing it for many years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Christine

    Wow, this is a reference I will use forever. I just started taking Bikram classes 3 months ago, and I am very focused on improving my practice. As you know, the teachers don’t model the poses in class, so it’s difficult to know if you are doing a pose right, or what you are doing wrong. I consult the Masterclass book before every class. I usually only study the single pose that I want to make improvements in during that particular class, and it’s very helpful. This is changing my level in the class and in my Bikram practice. The whole package is worth every penny and has already paid for itself in the gains I have made.

    Thank you! Thank you!

  68. Beverly Spring

    The master class kit has been very helpful to show me how to modify the poses for my injuries

  69. Angie

    I practiced Bikram’s years ago, but I don’t live where I can get to
    a class daily or even weekly. So far the whole package seems to
    be exactly what I need to get back in the swing of things.
    This a gem I will keep, a great tool for all levels.
    Thanks A Million

  70. Janice

    I have been doing Bikram yoga for a few months now and I love it! I admit that the dialogue can be difficult to hear or pay attention to, especially when you’re struggling in a pose. This is why the Masterclass book is so useful. The pictures and explanations go way beyond what you would get out of your typical Bikram yoga class instructor dialogue. There’s so much more in the book than what the live instructors actually tell you to do. I feel that it has greatly improved my poses. I was a little disappointed in the DVDs though. I guess I expected “live reenactments” of the series. All it was were a series of pictures with Gabrielle talking through an actual yoga class in the background. The book is definatly the gem in this package.

  71. Jean

    I saw this wonderful book at my hot yoga class and had a look at it, I thought, damn, this is exactly what I need, it is clear, usefull, the perfect tool for a safe improving practice to prevent injuries, so inspiring!!

  72. Paula

    I’m very pleased with your easy to follow manual and instructions, and I’ve been teaching yoga for 32 years! I was alarmed about the strictness of the Bikram script and injuries and poor alignment and lack of readiness for poses. However, your work points clearly to the remedies that allow for safe and deep practice. Thanks!

  73. Caroline

    I bought the Hot Yoga MasterClass after suffering from hip and knee pain as a result of my Bikram practice (I’ve been practicing for about a year). I wanted to know more about the postures and to get a better understanding of what I might be doing wrong. I was also getting frustrated with the “dialogue” and general lack of attention to proper posture in my classes (not all the teachers but quite a few!). The book is lovely, well presented, clearly explained and very informative (although it is big and a bit hard to carry around – I travel a lot (-:). While I still suffer from knee problems I am better able to control my movements and know what to avoid now, and my hip problems are more or less resolved since I’ve been following the guidance in the MasterClass (I hope the same will happen with the knees!). So I can definitely recommend the MasterClass to anyone who wants to know more about careful preparation and set-up for the Bikram postures. A warning though: I do occasionally get told I am doing something “wrong” when I follow Gabriel’s instructions rather than the “dialogue” (one example is the sit up where I now prefer to keep my hands apart rather than crossing my thumbs, or the separate leg intense stretch where I now keep my legs bent and really feel the stretch much more!).

  74. Ms Maria Davis-Fernandez

    Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge, wisdom and ability to communicate this with such passion! A year ago I came across your website and got totally hooked. I am usually wary of sites that keep calling you back to try to push their product onto you, but you were not pushy and I kept seeing more and more that inspired me. Eventually I bought the Hot Yoga Home Practice Kit and learnt so much and benefitted from it, but I really wanted the full MasterClass Manual, but just couldn’t afford it as I was out of work. I know that if I continue to think about something, then it’s the right thing to do, so, this year, although not much richer, I splashed out, and I can only say I am SO blessed! I’ve hardly been able to put it down, and, coupled with a good class that I have now found, am experiencing some great changes in my body. I feel so much more energy and strength – at 55 I feel better than when I was 25! I have nothing negative to report! O yes, perhaps just one thing – I wish I could go to your classes or that there was a class that followed YOUR teaching method here in England! I can’t stop sharing your website with people I meet (including some of my teachers). If anyone is in doubt as to whether to go for this resource, I cannot recommend it enough – it’s worth every penny! Thank you Gabrielle and may God bless you and your family!

  75. Robyn

    I’ve been a hot yoga devotee for the last 9 months.

    The first 3 months were the hardest. Like so many others on this forum, I was frustrated with classes and din’t feel like I was getting any “better.” A friend of mine told me about the hotyogadoctor website so a had a little look-see.

    I bought the iPad app and my practice started progressing quickly afterwards. 6 months later I bought Gabrielle’s full master class pack and again I am making further advances. So much so that I was used as an “exemplar” for the first time in my class this morning.

    I have excellent instructors at my studio but being able to read about the poses and corrections outside of the “torture chamber” really helped me to progress rapidly and continue to enjoy this sensational style of yoga. I really feel like I’m getting the most out of every class because of the extensive amount of information that Gabrielle has provided our community with.

    I’m even considering teacher training thanks to the continued breakthroughs in my practice that the masterclass allows for.

    Thanks Gabrielle!

  76. Margaret Bowden-Bouchard

    I have been reading my book now for two weeks. Already I am using the tips and improving my practise. I first thought it was quiet a lot of money but it is well worth the investment. I have learnt a lot more in the past few weeks than six months in class. I have yet to watch the videos but will get to them in the next few weeks. Well worth the money.

  77. Bob Chicilo

    I had been doing some Bikram poses for over a year, but I was doing them mostly from my memory of the poses in Bikram’s first yoga book. I bought the master class so I could find out what I might be doing wrong. The material has provided help in this area, and will continue to help me deepen the benefits of doing yoga. Note: I do the poses at home at regular room temperature. Even so, I am much more supple and energetic, than before I started doing yoga. I will be 68 next month.

  78. Karen LeFever

    I ordered 2 master classes, one for me and one for my sister. We both love it! It allows me to practice my yoga at home, which is nice considering my busy schedule

  79. Rod Kunze

    Good Afternoon: I am a complete beginner to yoga let alone Bikram. I purchased the master class, because I had difficulty understanding the teachers instructions. After going through the DVDs and the manual, it not only made things clear but it gave me the confidence to return to class. I have been going now for 60 days and feel great. The resource provided by Gabriel provided easy and eloquent instructions to all poses. Also the added hints have given me a purpose when I go to class. I am not lost and feel that with the invaluable material in the Master class I will someday feel that my practice will provide all the benefits that Bikram yoga has to offer. The master class has given me incentive, confidence and motivation. I believe anyone from novice to expert will benefits from the class. Thankyou for this invaluable resource and your dedication to Bikram.

  80. Sev

    I have been practicing Bikram yoga for more than 5 years and still wanted to have more… looked on the web and found tons of info from ‘the hotyogadoctor’ website. So after a while I decided first to buy the ‘practice at home’ kit which gave me some great tips about how to do it on your own at your own home and especially gave me the pleasure to listen to a full class by Gabrielle on CD and MP3 format downloadable on your computer or MP3 player.
    BUT I still wanted more, with this feeling that I was not improving my own bikram yoga practice. SO more than a year later I wanted to go to the hotyoga doctor training but could not (this time hopefully!), so I decided to invest in the Masterclass kit ‘as a compensation’ and yes it is a beautiful manual that is my yoga bible. I am a scientist and the manual is really feeding my hunger for precision and knowledge on the postures and far beyond.
    BUT I have just only started to read it and did not even find the time to use it with the DVDs!
    Certainly my best 40th birthday present… to myself!
    Thank you very much!

  81. Liat Gat

    I have not worked all the way through Gabrielle’s fantastic book, but just the information in the introduction alone has been worth the price.

    My practice has completely changed – I am focused and meditating the entire time during a class. I no longer straighten my towel, wipe sweat from my face, look around the room, or adjust my shorts. My gaze is on my eyes or on the edge of my towel during belly-down savasana. I am calm and still during the pause between poses.

    I started working through the poses from the beginning of the book, and my pranayama breathing has changed – I no longer scrunch my shoulders up trying to get my elbows higher – instead, I fan my elbows out and back and let my shoulders stay down. I also learned that I can rest on the inhale by not locking out the knees completely.

    For half-moon backbend, I am bending over further than ever, because of the simple trick of continuously looking back. I am looking at the back edge of my towel and trying to see my feet.

    The only reason I gave this four stars was that for hands-to-feet pose I did not find advice for being able to breathe easier in this posture, which was something I was hoping to find, and that they actually told me would be in there when I bought the book.

    However, I plan on posting my question about hands-to-feet pose in the forum, and I’m sure Gabrielle will help me there.

  82. Kirk

    The whole package is great! I refer to the book regularly to better understand proper alignment for each posture and alignments for those of us who are not very flexible, as the instructors don’t have time to do that for all in the room. Also the DVD’s are very good for doing programs at home, and the selection of shorter programs is very good for days when we don’t go to the studio. We don’t have a hot room yet, but are looking forward to moving into a different home and setting up a hot room there, and will follow Gabrielle’s guidance in setting it up.
    Thanks – the program really makes a difference!


  83. Rose McCullough

    I couldn’t be happier with your DVD’s. There are so many options to fit my schedule. The book is magnificent. I did Bikram yoga for about a year and loved what id did for my body, my energy, my mind and my creativity. I remember one of the instructors telling me that you can’t get injured in the heated rooms and I was encouraged to push my poses are far as I could. About a year and a half ago I sustained a hip injury during a class when I didn’t listen to my body and took a pose to far. To this day my hip is not the same. So, after my injury I quit doing Bikram yoga because I was worried I would have another injury. It was heartbreaking for me because I missed it terribly. When I browsed the internet one day to see if I could give the hot yoga another try, I came upon your website. I was elated! I felt like a kid in a candy store! I ordered straight away and I love it! The book is so helpful on showing the correct way to do the poses. The DVD’s are clear and concise, as is your instruction. I created my own hot room at home. I bought a full length mirror, a heater, and a humidifier. I am a dental hygienist by profession. During my lunch hour, I close the doors to my operatory, turn on a heater and put on the DVD that plays the single series. I keep telling the staff I work with that it’s the best thing you can do for yourself, especially since we hover over patients all day. I’ve recently written a book and I’ve found that the hot yoga enhances my creativity. Thank you so much Gabrielle for putting together a wonderful product! It’s very clear that you have put your heart and soul into it 🙂 Rose

  84. Mikaela

    HAVE LOST INCHES ALREADY! SO HAPPY! About 9 years ago I started Bikram Yoga but after 18 months moved away to an area where there were no Bikram classes. I really missed it as I had loved the results – my body was in the best shape it had ever been in! Since then I gradually put on weight over the past 8 years. I accepted it thinking that was just part and parcel of getting older (I am 39 now). It was only a couple of months ago that I decided to get back in to it.

    Why? Well, I am a photographer and I was photographing a client who was only 5 years younger than me but had an amazingly toned body. When she told me she did Bikram Yoga I said how much I missed it and she told me that you could buy and download Bikram’s class in an audio format. I tried that route and started practising along with it at home. Just to clarify- this was not the Hot Yoga Doctor course but Bikram’s own audio download. I did start to get results. However I was really quite worried that I could be doing the poses all wrong or possibly in a way that could unknowingly cause injury – especially as I have a problem with my right knee. The problem I found with the Bikram audio download was that there are no visual aids. I found some of the instructions verging on the ‘aggressive’ and some of the statements such as “your back is going to hurt like hell” actually distracting and off-putting as it scared me! I would find myself falling out of poses a lot and feeling so frustrated (uttering language that I cannot possibly repeat here as my husband will testify!)

    So.. moving on to the Hot Yoga Doctor…when I was looking for a hot yoga download I originally came across Gabrielle’s Hot Yoga Doctor website and signed up for the newsletter. The course looked fantastic but I was worried about spending that amount of money which I why I originally went for the cheaper alternative option. As I had signed up to the Hot Yoga Doctor free newsletter I received regular emails with tips about poses and lots of inspirational advice. I have to say that I read every email which is rare for me! I decided to buy the Gabrielle’s course because I felt the only was I could progress, improve and move forward with my hot yoga practise safely would be to have as much information as possible about the poses along with visual aids – the next best thing to having my own personal hot yoga teacher! The customer feedback and also the fact that they had a money back guarantee was reassuring.

    Having received the course I was very impressed! No stone is left unturned – so much information and really clear photos. I practise along with the DVD classes. Since I have been practising along with Gabrielle’s instruction, I fall out of poses far less (and no more bad language!), I feel calmer during the class and I even smile sometimes! Her teaching method is so encouraging and gentle – so different from the Bikram course I did which I found a bit aggressive.

    I tend to do at least 2 of the 90 minute classes per week and then in between I do at least 3 of the shorter classes. I think that’s a great idea having the option to do a 50 or 35 minute class – so if you are busy you can still get some yoga in to your day even when you are busy or short of time. I don’t have a room that is as hot as is recommended but it is warm and that suits me just fine – so don’t be put off by thinking you MUST have it that hot. Just set up your space as best you can and as warm as you can. You WILL get results! I took some ‘before photos’ when I started 2 months ago and also took my measurements. I have already lost nearly 2 inches off my waist plus an inch of my hips and thighs. And the great thing is – I love food so I have been able to slim and tone without having to diet YAY!!! Be warned though this Hot Yoga thing is addictive! So only buy this course if you want to change your life, feel happier and be in the best shape you can possibly be!

  85. Prisca

    I started Bikram yoga over a month ago here in Japan. I was determined to go regularly as I had heard wonderful things about it. To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the class; I am really quite stiff and the instructors did not correct nor explain the poses. Still, I felt I ought to continue. It occured to me that there must be a video or a book out there that could help me, so I decided to surf the Internet and EUREKA! I found the Hot Yoga Masterclass package. At first I was sceptical about purchasing the package, but after watching and listening to Gabrielle’s video (how can you not like her?) and reading the very inspiring testimonials, I decided to go ahead and buy the package. When it arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised at the contents: A large, beautiful, hardback book with gorgeous pictures explaining the poses (I was expecting a cheaper quality book), and fantastic videos. I learned so much from the Hot Yoga Masterclass package. In fact, after reading the section on the Head to Knee Standing pose, I surprised (and delighted) myself by being able to do it the next day. Up to this point, I could barely lift my leg, let alone stretch it! The advice on how to approach hot yoga classes was also invaluable. Suddenly I went from someone who was dreading and not enjoying the classes to a Bikram Yoga convert! I love it so much and look forward to the classes. Thanks to this wonderful book and the videos! People who attend my Tae Bo classes or see me pump iron cannot believe that i am a Bikram Yoga junkie. I am encouraging people who view hot yoga in wary way to buy this book. It has been so very, very helpful. I showed the book to one of the instructors here and she was extremely impressed! She wanted to borrow it but I’m sorry, that’s where my niceness ends…kindly buy your own, I don’t want to part with this gem for even a minute!

    I will be unable to attend as many classes a week from now on due to work, but I plan on workng out at home, something I thought was ‘taboo’ for Hot Yoga. I really cannot recommend this package any more highly. I promise you will not regret purchasing it.

    Now my dream is to be able to take a course with Gabrielle herself. As I am a firm believer in dreams coming true, all I can say is that I am really looking forward to that inevitable and happy day!

  86. Mary Anne

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    The Hot Yoga Doctor Masterclass Manual is exquisite visually and technically impeccable! It has helps me overcome limitations and protects me from injury every time I study it. It is really like having a dedicated personal yoga trainer with you whenever you would like. You will not be disappointed by any of her products, she is not only an expert in the yoga discipline, but she is truly a gifted teacher and mentor. I cannot say enough about how valuable this material is if you really want to excel in your hot yoga practice and avoid injury.

  87. Daniel

    I had high expectations for the Hot Yoga Masterclass, and I am happy to say the book is even better than I ex