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Hot Yoga Masterclass Wholesale AccountsHot Yoga MasterClass at wholesale prices!

Help your studio grow. Be an even greater success.

You love your yoga. That’s why you run, own or teach in a studio. You want to share that passion.

After lots of inquiries and well, frankly some begging, we’re making Hot Yoga MasterClass available at special prices for your studio, and opening up applications for wholesale accounts. You can profit from stocking the best Hot Yoga reference manual. Not just by making money but you’ll also profit because:

  • Your students can have a ready-reference they can refer to ANYTIME and get their answers.
  • It will free up your time at the studio because just about all of the questions you get asked on a regular basis are covered in one place!
  • It will free you up to run your business, which also means just building your wonderful yoga community. You can just ‘be’ with your students rather than having to run mini and ad-hoc tutorials in your reception area. Come on, you know that happens! 😉
  • The book is packed with full-color* photos (744 of them in one volume actually!). Not only will you and your students have something to refer to, to demonstrate the chronological steps in each and every pose, you will also have hundreds of photos of many of the mistakes students make, day in and day out. Plus there are photos and text of how to FIX those mistakes. That’s invaluable stuff. Leaving you with more time to spend with your students or in your own life outside the studio.
    *The book also comes in a black and white interior version, still with the full-color cover. Perfect for smaller budgets and also very often used as a second take-anywhere-copy; for making notes on, or highlighting important sections.

Hot Yoga MasterClass is the ideal textbook for your Teacher Training.

The world is much freer now. Especially as the law in the US has agreed with me and other yoga-warriors (if you want to call us that) who have literally put their money behind defending our rights to practise any poses we like. Nobody owns yoga. We all have unrestricted access to any poses we like. So if you’re running teacher training programs that teach your trainees how to teach Hot Yoga and the series popularized by Bikram, then this book is perfect for your training.

With Hot Yoga MasterClass your teachers or teacher trainees can:

  • Enjoy clear, concise, unambiguous instructions
  • Understand the correct order to approach the teaching of each individual pose
  • Adapt their own way of expressing all the detailed instructions so the class is always of the highest quality – and better than a rigidly scripted class
  • Learn to teach in a way that AVOIDS MISTAKES for their students by teaching the right way to do things in the right order. Much more time can be spent actually DOING the yoga.

Hot Yoga MasterClass is the most used Hot Yoga reference manual in the world. And it’s the most useful for your teacher training.

With step-by-step detailed descriptions and properly sequenced full color photographs, your students, teachers and teacher trainees will all ‘be on the same page.’

  • Cut out the guess work, understand the real aim of each of the poses, and watch everyone ramp up the enjoyment in their practice.
  • People who love Bikram and hot yoga love, Love, LOVE the details. The manual is packed with details, conveyed in an easy and systematic way.
  • Study one pose at a time or many.
  • Possibly the most important part of the manual is the inclusion of mistakes, with photos, and descriptions of how to FIX those MISTAKES.

Let’s face it, when we all start our journey as students – as newbies – we all kinda know how things are supposed to look from taking our cues from the other students around us. And although improvements happen over time, most people still make oodles of big and little mistakes. So as teachers, if knowing how to get rid of mistakes is valuable, then learning how to teach to completely avoid the mistakes is going to be even bigger and more valuable. It not only transforms your practice, it transforms your teaching.

One of the big problems with the scripted recital method of class delivery is that there are lots of ambiguities. I see people looking around a lot and I see yogis doing lots of wrong poses when I go to public studios. I know that studio owners and teachers want MORE for their students (because they tell me!). But sometimes they just don’t know how to give that because they sometimes feel stuck with the dialog or just know that there is something more that they can’t put their finger on.

It’s all in the approach!

When you teach to avoid mistakes, you won’t be correcting your students as much (because you won’t have to).

And the more time you can spend on the little nuances instead of the big mistakes the more people enjoy the yoga, the more bodies and minds grow and … the more people come back to your studio. Which means your studio is more profitable.

Working smarter and harder … without the risks

Using Hot Yoga MasterClass to teach your trainees (and have in your studio) is actually  a way to teach and practise Bikram or Hot Yoga that is kind, compassionate, and embraces curiosity and independence. It allows you and your students to nourish the holistic practice of ‘listening to the body.’

What students and my teacher trainees have told me is that they trust themselves more. They can fully rely on what they’re hearing and being taught. And when they trust more, they listen better and they ACTUALLY WORK HARDER than they have ever done before. But without the risks. You won’t need to shout or cajole your students. You won’t need to boss them around. Providing the details allows people to ‘check in’ with their own bodies. You’ll be working WITH the body, the body’s reflexes, with physiologically sound techniques that can be explained and above all, feel good.

And when you teach that approach to your teacher trainees, your studio benefits. You get rewarded with better attendance. Hundreds of emails from Hot Yoga MasterClass teachers and students are their own testimony.

Reduce the churn in your studio (ie the number of turnover of new students) by amping up and skyrocketing your satisfaction level.  You don’t want an endless stream of new students who come and try and move on. You want most of those students to stay and fall in love with the yoga. That satisfaction comes with teaching a consistent class with the right details and knowing not only how to fix mistakes but ultimately to teach in a way that avoids those mistakes all together.

In a Bikram or Hot Yoga studio, students often report feeling “useless,” “uncoordinated” and even “lost.” Many are annoyed or even embarrassed that they are making so many mistakes in their first half a dozen classes. So, teaching in a way that has even your newbies avoiding mistakes has a raft of wonderful side-effects. Your students will feel more accomplished and more able, right from their very first classes. This greatly increases student stickability!

I am confident that this is exactly what you’ll get with this book, my manual, your passion. I guarantee too that I am very approachable and answer all my emails.

I have a TWO great offers for you.

1: SPECIAL OFFER: Available until March 15, 2016:

Here’s how you can get a free studio copy of Hot Yoga MasterClass (or just keep it for yourself, give away or sell)…

Buy any^ 12 manuals and you get the 13th one FREE. Yep, completely gratis.^

^A free full-color manual is normally only available if you buy 12 full-color manuals. After Mar 15, when you buy 12 BW copies or a mix of 12 BW and color copies, the free copy will be BW.

Please use the form below to apply for a Studio Wholesale Account.

2: TT and Studio SPECIAL OFFER: Let’s share the limelight. We’ll design the cover of Hot Yoga MasterClass co-branded with your studio name or teacher training.

Brand all Manuals with your own studio’s contact details. That’s right – for a limited time, bulk orders (to be discussed, but not as large as you might think!) can be wrapped in a special full-color cover, including branding and contact details for your studio! Contact us to see a mock-up.

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We need to use the scripted dialog. Can I still use Hot Yoga MasterClass?

Hundreds of studios around the world have teachers who constantly refer to Hot Yoga MasterClass for their own practice and their teaching. Many people take it along to those 2 month long teacher trainings. If you’ve ever asked anyone to answer questions about any of the poses or if you’ve used the internet, my forum or the teachers’ pages on Facebook to find any answers, then using Hot Yoga MasterClass is the same thing, but the answers are all in one place – with photographs; with explanations.


What if I don’t agree with a particular technique?

You don’t have to agree with everything I say. There could very well be one or two little things that you decide not to do. Don’t let that negate the hundreds and hundreds of other techniques you will discover in the reference manual.


Will I be compromising my current franchise?

We’re talking about a book here! It’s a reference manual. Here’s an analogy for you! If you speak English you don’t need permission to look things up in a dictionary. It’s up to you how to use the words or techniques that you find. It’s also up to you how you let the words come out of your own mouth. I systematically present you illustrated techniques, hints and tips that are guaranteed to make your practice and your teaching better. What you do with that is ultimately up to you. My wish is for you to make up your own mind. I present factual information, and in my opinion remain unchanged on this point: I believe that Hot Yoga MasterClass enhances every single dialog I have ever seen or experienced. I know it will do the same for you, your students and your teachers. No one can ban you from learning more. Read what you like. Enrich and enhance your life.


What if I find a technique that I don’t agree with?

Let curiosity prevail! If you were to discover something that doesn’t agree with you then there is always value in that experience. I encourage friendly debate. Come and discuss it with me on the forum. I am always willing to entertain anyone’s ideas. I will go and try out your assertions. Every time.

You could ask yourself if what you are disagreeing is simply in defense of what you have been taught, without questioning assumptions. It’s human nature to defend our own beliefs! It is curiosity that has brought you here in the first place so you could be ready to try some slightly different approaches or even try new ideas out. I want you to have the freedom to go out and try the different ideas, to make up your own mind. Research. Ask others who have used it. Come to the forum.

And above all, test it out – honestly and earnestly – with your students. Because at the end of the day, it is your students who come first. Not the dialog. Not my book, but your students.


I don’t need your book because I want to teach to the dialog.

Even if you do decide to teach to the scripted dialog, having the clarity of instructions with the photographs is going to make your job so much as easier to run your own program, to teach and to practise.