Eyes becoming red after Hot Yoga practice in the studio.

////Eyes becoming red after Hot Yoga practice in the studio.

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  • s.alladi
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    Hi Gabrielle,

    This is my fourth week of my hot yoga practice, as i am new comer for Hot Yoga. Past two days i found my both eyes become red after completing my hot yoga practice. What would be the reason, Is it due to overheat or my body is not coping up with the heat, Planning to check up my eyes with doctor. S Alladi

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    I have had my 2nd class of hot yoga and my eyes do the same thing — the whites turn red (it stays for days). What is this?

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    Hello S. Alladi and Elaine,

    I am a hot yoga teacher trained by Gabrielle, I hope you don’t mind if I respond to your posts this time! =)

    It’s great that you guys discovered hot yoga! Welcome to the club =)
    It is one of the most beneficial physical exercises in the world and its alo very challenging on many levels!

    Because you both are new to this wonderful but admittedly tough activity, I would like to stress out the importance of continuous and correct breathing.
    Gabrielle has great, FREE videos available on this website. Here is one on breathing:
    Have a look at it, I think you will find it very useful! Holding your breathe and compressing your body at the same time by itself, can result in bloodshot eyes!

    Just a few questions before we move onto more direct suggestions:

    – How much water do you drink before/during/after class?
    – How do you replenish your electrolytes?
    – Are you wearing a headband when practising?

    I have a couple of things in mind that might help you but first can you get back to me on that?

    Enjoy your practice until next time!
    I am looking forward to hearing from both of you!



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    Thank you Gabrielle! I’m going tonight so I will try adding a headband and having coconut water afterwards — I’ll try to pay more attention to my breath too and see if those changes have an effect. I thought I was drinking enough water — especially after the 1st class I drank more for the 2nd (maybe even more for the 3rd)? Admittedly I do know I breath shallowly when bent over w/my forehead to my knee.

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