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How to make your desired changes permanent! (or … Busting the Resolutions Myth)

January 1st, 2018|0 Comments

It’s the time of year when many people question what they “wish” to change – hence the plethora of “New Year Resolutions” (and the corresponding cynical remarks).

But what if you REALLY WANT to make those changes? Why don’t they tend to last if made at this time of year?

Writing it down is […]

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What others say about The Hot Yoga Doctor

“Hot Yoga MasterClass” is one of my most treasured possessions. Every position explained in detail with such precision. I was on the other side of the planet. Until a few weeks ago. It was a dream coming true to practice under Gabrielle’s guidance. Let me just say that Gabrielle has EXCEEDED all my expectations. All private lessons I took in my life put together were not half as useful as the session with Gabrielle. There is something really special about her approach, the ability to explain complicated physical actions in simple terms which tie everything together, she brings that “Ah!” out of you every time. I hope to have another chance in the future, for sure!!!
Yana Nekula
I have the Hot Yoga Master Class book, and find the book and your email tips to be extremely valuable. I learn every time I turn to the book for tips on how to do each posture, and your emails are always helpful. Thank you.
Kenneth Wasserman
I started Bikram yoga a couple of months ago. Lots of poses are excruciatingly difficult for me, so finding any help outside the classroom was essential. The book is great for a novice, it is much easier not to develop bad habits rather than to get rid of them later. I’d highly recommend the book. Love the book, I am sure that it will be my Bible for a very long time.
Tanya Unterberger
I just watched your video on balance, interesting idea about lifting the ankles. I have flat feet and didn’t have a clue that might be where my trouble with balance begins, and lifting the ankles seems like the right idea. I’ll try it in class and let you know, but it seems to fit right in with what the rest of the leg is supposed to be doing.
Kenneth Wasserman
Just got it!!! Thank you Sooo much.
I save many of Gabrielle’s emails for future reference. Along with the Hot Yoga Master Class (I have both the original manual and the paperback), it gives me great material to keep my teaching fresh.
Dan Brandon
I love this package! I am beginner in yoga and being practising just a little bit more than a year! This book is so helpful for me and some of my friends who i help with their yoga journey! As well its useful for other styles of yoga cause help u to learn listen to your body and go through poses with correct alignment! Its beautifully made and easy to understand and put info to practice! So glad i got it! Thanks!
Oxana Morris
Thank you Gabrielle for your lovely email, I enjoyed the read & the popcorn analogy. I feel privileged to have a copy of your hard cover hot yoga book. I have a 10 month old son & unfortunately I don’t get the opportunity to practise my hot yoga like before however I feel as if the hardcover book is like a bible, always ready & waiting whenever I get the chance to go back to it!
Thanks for all your emails Gabrielle, I do enjoy reading them. Take care & keep practising,
Margaret Keily
Hello Gabrielle
Thank you so very much for all your hot yoga tips. I save all of them into a folder, and reread through them often. So many of my postures have improved with your help. I have sent them on to my son & daughter-in-law who practise hot yoga on the gold coast. Please keep them coming.
Clare Garner
What a great blog! Awesome awesome reminder. Namaste!!
Stasia Comiskey
Love, love, love, Gabrielle’s Hot Yoga Master Class materials. The book is very informative and helped me “learn” the poses and the CD and DVD are a fantastic alternative for when i can’t make it to the studio
Karen Pa
It’s amazing how much my practice has improved, with the breakdown of every pose, what to work on, and how to gain the maximum benefits from each pose. This is truly a master class. I’ve heard some of the teachers quote directly from this book, and yes, I’ve heard some say the things that would cause the novice to make mistakes and hurt themselves.
Thank you, Gabrielle, for putting this together. I especially love the emphasis on good form over depth. It makes so much sense! It’s worth every penny.
The Hot Yoga Master Class came in the last weeks of my Level 1 teacher training in Hot Yoga. I love the way you break down each pose. It’s fantastic. I have used the DVDs, CDs & Mp3s heaps to practice while training. The many tips have really made a difference to my practice. As I work through the book I am learning more each day. Thanks so much for your help.
My Yogi here in Australia said that my practice has improved by ten years and I know that this comes from your DVDs, CDs & Mp3s and more will come from your book.
Karen Barnes
I’m really enjoying doing the hot yoga master class at home :).
The whole pack it makes the practice so much easier, and I am amazed how much I have been improving for the better.
Reading the book it makes a big difference, I have realized that I was doing many things wrong during the poses; just because of the lack of information & guidance during a regular class at the studio.
Edna Mechsner
The book is great! I am a beginner and I found the book to be so detailed in explaining positions as well as so many helpful tips. I don’t know if I could have continued Bikram without it. I now am able to do so much more in class that’s to the photos as well as description of each pose. I highly recommend the package!
Susan Burke
I think the manual is a great tool for helping you better understand the poses and how to get the most out of your classes. I have recommended this to others and the comments I am getting from them are very similar…they are glad to have more of an explanation with written and visual aids that what instructors are typically able to give. Definitely a worthwhile investment.
Tony Plath
I just wanted to let you know I have been LOVING the new class CDs! I love the one hour (it’s almost exactly the same 1 hour pose selection I made for myself with the different tracks of your full class in a playlist in iTunes) and I love the new tips and relaxing voice in the full length new class. Thanks so much!!
Hope Edwards
Hot yoga master class is great, I pick a posture to read before class and focus extra hard on doing it perfectly, my regular teacher has commented twice so far on the improvements in my posture! The book is thorough and complete, it has brought a new much needed extra dimension to my bikram!
Thanks and keep up the good work
Simon S
Gabrielle I watch your Dvd. all the time. You are a great teacher. I am deepening my yoga pratice. Thank you very much. all the best. blanche.
Blanche Pinto
Just wanted to write in to say thank you for hot yoga tip #4 “Don’t Squeeze”. I’ve been told by my teachers again and again to straighten the arms and lock the elbows beside/behind the ears, and the pain in my neck/shoulders is excruciating. Your step-by-step instruction has changed my practice
Sheela Cheong
I enjoyed this podcast, thank you & well done.
Tim Robinson
I have said it before but I am so very thankful for Hatha Yoga – especially the ‘Bikram’ series. I am also thankful for the teaching of these postures by Gabrielle Raiz. Without [her] I would still be prisoner to back and neck pain that I had no recourse to deal with other than Advil and Chiropractic
Helen Ann Swartwout
I love receiving your emails. You are absolutely fabulous.
Thank you,
I have done Bikram yoga for 7 years and really felt like I was really stuck in a rut. I wanted to figure out how to go further in my practice, but didn’t know how. The Hot Yoga Master Class has taught me so many of the little nuances that I have been missing. I am having breakthroughs in my practice and am loving my yoga again. Thank you Gabrielle for all of your hard work it is so appreciated!!
Hannah J
My wife and I have always gone to a Bikram studio until we moved too far away. We were looking for a course online to continue our practice at home. I was so excited to see Hot Yoga Master Class and that it came with video. We absolutely love our Master Yoga DVD and its almost like being in a live class. The whole package is exactly what we were looking for. The book is very helpful. This is by far the best complete course on the market today!!! If you were looking don’t waste any more time. This is the one to get!!!!
Thanks Gabrielle….
Just ordered it!
Lisa McCormack
Great book. As a newly qualified yoga teacher it is so helpful to have a detailed review of the postures. It’s really useful in assisting me in developing my teaching dialogue, understanding the challenges my students face, and developing my own practice.
Kirsty Lowe
I love how you talk about just kicking back only in Standing Bow in the beginning in order to feel the backbend before tilting forward at all; I really feel it so well now! Thank you for everything! I wish my Bikram studio would be a little more flexible with their instructions, but they’re very strict. I’m so grateful to have gotten all of your specific advice in the Hot Yoga MasterClass book and the class CDs because I think yours is much better and I’m so glad I have that knowledge!
Hope Edwards
Thanks so much for all this fantastic information!!
Susan Faux
Dear Gabrielle,
I LOVE your tips. Thank you so sososososo much!!
Susan Levin
I have done hot Bikram-style yoga for 2 years and just recently started teaching. I wanted to figure out how to go further in my practice, and also wanted the extra info so I could better teach my students. The Hot Yoga Master Class is really good at breaking down the postures, and has taught me many of the little “extras” that I have been missing. My practice has improved and I think my teaching has too! Thank you Gabrielle
Dear Gabrielle
I enjoy all of your emails, but I wanted to write to say that I really, really, loved this one. I will think of it whenever in practice I start to get “bored” or notice the time, anticipate what’s next, think about what just happened. This message can also be applied to many other situations in life. Thank you so much for your deep, thoughtful and inspirational emails.
Holly Nielsen
This material is by far the best on the market! We are using the manual, DVD’s and audio CD’s in our teacher training for students to study in-between our training weekends. Each student has a manual to take notes as we cover each posture. They show up for yoga teacher training “prepared”, focused, ready to learn and deepen their own practice. Lots of Ah-ha moments from the simple yet detailed Hot Yoga Master class products. It helps our training weekends to be productive, and yogis understand asana “whys & hows” rather than fretting over memorizing dialogue. Recommend for personal home practice or studio training.
Trish Nagy

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