January 2018

How to make your desired changes permanent! (or … Busting the Resolutions Myth)

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It's the time of year when many people question what they "wish" to change - hence the plethora of "New Year Resolutions" (and the corresponding cynical remarks). But what if you REALLY WANT to make those changes? Why don't they tend to last if made at this time of year? Writing it down is one [...]

November 2015

More weighty thoughts about feet

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Well alrighty then let’s get deeper into feet. So the first blog post on everything afeet! (haha) left you hanging about feet and how you use them could determine how your spine develops, functions, deteriorates or thrives. Sorry for the delay, our daughter had the flu (not just a bad cold) and was away from [...]

August 2015

Is something a-foot with your yoga feet?

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So first up, I really would love to know: Do you like the new website? You know! The whole online thing desperately needed an upgrade to bring us out of the dark ages. But none of that ever comes without hiccups. We put the new-look website up there. It looked great (so we thought). But [...]

May 2015

Put Your Shoulders Into Your Backbend?

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What on earth does that mean? Welcome back! We're up to Part 4, the last in the 4 part mini-series about "how to fix your neck and shoulder aches and improve your posture" is now in your hot little hands. Time to talk about shoulders and backbends The first backbend you do is in Half [...]

How do you get your teeth into your shoulders?

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Shoulders should be a big focus in your hot yoga practice. By the time you've knowledged yourself up on the subject you'll realise that this oft-forgotten aspect of your practice is being ignored in public Bikram and hot yoga classes. If this were a crime, there'd be a lot of teachers in trouble! Your shoulders [...]

April 2015

App-happy! The Hot Yoga Doctor is on ANDROID™

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Launched only months ago, (to join the iPhone and iPad app in the app store) the Hot Yoga Doctor App now comes in Android flavor! >> Now you can practise the world’s most popular hot yoga (26 +2)anywhere, with an app that doesn’t need an internet connection. Why is this app special? Hot Yoga [...]

What do cucumbers and shoulders have in common?

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Here we are again with the number 2 blog in a series of 4, that explains how to use your arms and shoulders and eliminate stress and tension from your whole upper back (including your shoulders, neck and head). Included in this email are detailed techniques for relieving tension in (and out of) your hot [...]

March 2015

Stretching hamstrings with Yoga

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Many years ago, before I published Hot Yoga MasterClass, I received a question from one of my many subscribers. It highlights a problem that almost every Bikram student or hot yogi experiences in their practice in public studios around the world. Unfortunately, there is a very important physiological condition that following the dialog actually causes [...]

Hot Yoga: Help! It’s so hot I can’t breathe

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"Help, I can't breathe! Oh my god, it's so hot in there. How will I ever survive? Is there enough oxygen?" Ever feel as though you can't breathe in the hot room? Has this ever happened to you? Have you said or maybe even heard a hot yoga student say: "I can't breathe", "there is [...]

3 hip openers that I just love

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As promised, here are 3 hip openers that I just love. I’m just going to give instructions for one side only. Make sure you reverse the instructions for the other side. These poses are extremely satisfying eased into after a class. Practice them for a minimum of 40 seconds on each side, right up to [...]

Shoulder breathing? Your mission :)

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It's hard to believe, but making the benefits of this yoga WAY better than you could imagine always lies in tiny tweaks of poses. So, ... if I told you that keeping your attention on this little thing called 'shoulder breathing' could transform every pose in your practice, you’d want to know, right? Yep, that’s [...]

February 2015

Green Smoothie Magic And Delicious Salads Book Resources

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If you've purchased Green Smoothie Magic or 132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings And Dips, then you'll know there are a few handy resources and gadgets that will make ALL the difference in your kitchen! They'll help you: Prepare faster; Improve flavors; Get the right consistency.   Some ARE more expensive than others (top end blenders for [...]

January 2015

A Ton Of Free Resources To Kickstart Your Year!

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So, carrying on from my last two articles (if you missed them, see the end of this article for links) here are some things you can put your ATTENTION on and set your INTENTION for, over the next 30 days and make a great leap forward in your SKILLS... Some low-hanging fruit for you to [...]

Setting Your New Year Intentions With Yoga

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It’s that time again! Maybe like you, I subscribe to quite a number of newsletters. One thing’s for sure, this time of year many of these emails will talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Love them or hate them, call ‘em what you like there IS something very symbolic to turning over a new year or [...]

October 2014

What’s the best food for Hot Yoginis and Yogis?

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NEWSFLASH! "Green Smoothie Magic" now available in Paperback! >> I'm often asked this question - and honestly, it's a tough one. In our experience, a regular hot yoga (or Bikram style) practice certainly seems to automagically "reset" your taste buds and food desires! So you might find that your body starts to crave cleaner [...]

132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings And Dips – Now In Paperback!

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Dippity doo dah (hehe) I have a new book about ... Salads, dips and other delectable delights! I have JUST launched my new book called 132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings and Dips and I wanted to share the great news. It's on Amazon here: I am really so pleased that people are really enjoying it. [...]

September 2014

What goes into a Hot Yoga MasterClass?

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I thought you'd enjoy this movie which is a fun look "behind the scenes"! Although it doesn't recount the days, weeks and months of effort; the thousands of photos taken and the incredible enthusiasm and effort from students and friends, I think this super movie does show the lengths we went to to make something [...]

My Secret Formula Revealed!

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Hi there! In this article you'll find a very helpful formula that we have used for years to shoot for excellence in everything we do! (Didn't see "Part I"? I've posted it at The Hot Yoga Doctor here ...) >> OK, so here we go ... A very useful formula to ‘resolve’ your wishes [...]

August 2014

Busting Some Big-A$$ Hot Yoga Myths

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Many days in the making, this 37 page doc contains oodles of excellent free advice on  "How To (SAFELY!) Upgrade Your Hot Yoga Practice". In this blogpost, a few short words about what you'll find and if it will be useful to you... and then of course, the link to download your free 37 page [...]