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Since you are here, I expect you’re looking for help!

The Navigation Tabs below will guide you to the section you need. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us using the Contact page. We’ll answer most queries within 12 hours, and all within 24 hours 🙂

Having an issue with the Website? Something not loading, or not linking properly? Some feedback?

Please let us know asap: use the Contact page and we’ll be straight on it! Let us know what computer or device you are using, including what browser and operating system, as this will make it easier to troubleshoot.

I have a question about Hot Yoga. Can I send you an email?

Thanks for asking! That’s exactly the purpose of the Hot Yoga Doctor Forum! Please head over there and post your question. I (Gabrielle) personally answer almost every single one of them – and many other hot yoga lovers in our community contribute all the time. Why not crowdsource your answer?! Learn from the experience of thousands of yogis just like you.

Yes, you can always send me an email, anytime. But I may still ask you to post it in the forum, for everyone’s benefit.

Here is the link for the forum, feel free to post your question anytime:

Do you have a Teacher Training program?

We have already completed two Teacher Training Programs in Costa Rica and conducted other programs at yoga studios. At this time there are no firm dates for the next Public Teacher Training Program. However, if you’d like to arrange a specific event, workshop, or training program, or invite Gabrielle to speak at your Studio or Yoga Workshop, please feel free to contact her at:

How do I unsubscribe from your emails?

There is always an “Opt out” (or unsubscribe) link at the bottom of every email we send, this is required in fact by US law. It’s an extremely simple process. By the way, this method is more reliable than asking the email sender. From what we’ve heard, they are not all as responsive to these requests as we are – but if you need us to remove you manually, we can do that too.

We’ll have you back any time of course!

I’m not receiving your email confirmations

Emails may well be making their way to your junk/spam folder. Please “whitelist” orders@ and See for instructions.


Yes, we conform to all Privacy Requirements. Always have. Always will. Your data is secure; we only use third-party authorized providers to process orders, and our website uses a state-of-the-art SSL certificate (the “s” part of “https:\\)
to encrypt data in the checkout process and payment systems. And finally, we’ll never share your email with anyone – we hate spam too!

I’d like to ask a question. What’s the best way to do that?

Please search first! You’ll see a nice long box that spans the top of each page. Within it are the words “Search the Forum…“. You don’t have to be logged in to search. You do have to login to post a Topic or a Reply.

Many common topics will have multiple threads – you are welcome to add your question to them (even if the thread is old – we see every new post!). Chances are you may even see your answer already there, right in front of your eyes!

If you do need to reply, or if your Topic is not found in searches, then feel free to login and do so. If you don’t have a Forum account yet, you’ll need to register, but don’t worry, it’s free, and the entire Hot Yoga Forum is a free resource. We ask for registration to allow us to keep the Forum pure, and stop unwanted posts.

Registered before but lost your details?

Use the “Forgot password?” link – or see below.)

How to reply to a topic

If there’s an existing Topic you want to reply to, then:

  1. Just scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. After the last comment you’ll find a nice big white reply space with all the editing bells and whistles to compose and design your reply, comment or question!
  3. Check the little box that looks like this (so that you can get a message when someone responds to you):
  4. Click SUBMIT

We keep our forum on-topic and are quite ruthless when it comes to deleting spam and gratuitous advertising links. We ask you this: If you are linking to something, please make sure it’s to relevant research for your post. Repeat ad-link posters are banned very quickly! We want the Forum to be YOUR Forum filled with relevant, useful, practical information, not an advertiser’s playpen!

How to post a new topic

If there’s not a Topic relevant to your question or contribution, feel free to start a new topic.

  1. Go to the Forum home page
  2. Choose a category. Hint: Find similar types of questions or topics. Eg it could be ‘Practising at Home or Travelling’, or ‘Injuries’ or maybe choose a specific pose with which you are having an issue.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of existing topics to find:
    Create New Topic in “Practicing at Home or Travelling?”
  4. Type in your Topic Title. Be descriptive. Think of it as if it were a newspaper headline.
  5. The large box below is where you type your question.

If you have any issues posting, please contact us and explain any error messages you’re seeing and the exact section/topic you are trying to post in.

How do I subscribe to a Topic that I am interested in?

Below the search field, up the top-right of the page of any topic you’ll find 2 links (Favorite  Subscribe). The right link is how you subscribe to that Topic. Once you click ‘Subscribe’ it will indicate your subscription (and you will receive notification of new replies to this topic). The button will now look like this: Unsubscribe. Click it to stop receiving notifications!

How do I ‘Favorite’ a Topic?

Below the search field, up the top-right of the page of any topic you’ll find 2 links (Favorite  | Subscribe). The left link is how you create a collection of Topics in which you are interested so that you can revisit those topics without searching. Once you click ‘Favorite’ it will  look like this: Favorited. Hmmm, that’s a word that didn’t exist a decade ago. 😉 Click it to stop receiving notifications!

I’m having trouble registering/logging in at the Hot Yoga Doctor Forum – can you help please?

Yes of course – just email and we’ll be right on it for you. Please let us know the specific nature of the issue, including the page you are trying to access and any error messages shown. Screen-captures are welcome!

Where can I change my user details for the Hot Yoga Doctor Forum?

You’ll have to be logged in to change any user details. Click on Edit.

My Forum username/password isn’t working – what could be the problem?

Funnily enough, the most common issue we have is the inadvertent mistyping of a password. They ARE case sensitive, so please be vigilant!

Reset your password this way:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in
  2. Click on your username (top-right of any forum page)
  3. Click Edit and scroll down to Account and your details.
  4. WARNING: Your existing password will not be visible. Only type in details if you want to CHANGE your password. If you have simply forgotten your password, well, you might not even be able to access this page! Wink, wink. But if you have forgotten your password then go to Forum tab and click Forgot Password?
  5. Type in a new password and confirm

If you are still having issues accessing the site, please email us at

I ordered several items, but I have only received some

Thank you again for your purchase!

It sounds like you may have missed a post-purchase email which explains that some items ship separately. Sorry about that! Please check your spam box, it may still be there. If you cannot find it, ask for it to be re-sent as you may have missed important downloadable products 🙂

If you purchased the Hot Yoga MasterClass Full Color Paperback Package, then please be aware that the DVD and CDs ARE SHIPPED SEPARATELY to the Manual. That’s right! You will be expecting not 1 but 2 packages. They may arrive at different times as they are dispatched from different fulfillment centers.

If your complete order does not arrive then please contact us asap, at

And if you need anything else or have other questions … just ask. We’re here to help!

How long will my shipment take?

All products are shipped via USPS Priority (or First Class mail inside the US).

Delivery inside the US is generally within 2-6 days.

Delivery outside the US is between 6-21 days (this depends on the destination – some countries are much slower, unfortunately this is outside our influence!). We have shipped to over 54 countries world-wide with 100% success rate.

Where do the products ship from?

They all ship from the USA. The Hot Yoga MasterClass Manual ships from various warehouses across the US, and the DVDs and CDs ship from Nevada. We ship anywhere in the world! (Note: A few countries within Africa, India and certain Asian destinations may not receive DVDs and CDs from Nevada, but may be fulfilled directly from our HQ in Australia.)

Can I choose a faster/different shipping method?

Yes you may, but we’ll need to set this up with you manually. Please contact us at

Is there a tracking number for shipping?

Tracking numbers within the US are usually available on request, but are not supplied automatically. Unfortunately we cannot supply tracking numbers for standard international shipments.

What is the declared value of the package(s)? Will I need to pay duties?

For international shipments we do our best to have packages labeled to help avoid unnecessary duties, nevertheless all duties are the responsibility of the receiving party and we cannot be held liable for any local levies.

I’m in Australia – as your head office is situated here, do you have local stock?

Since 85%+ of our customers are located in the US, we took the decision not to have local stock – we may have had to increase the cost of the actual manual to cover the huge comparative cost of shipping a small quantity into Australia from our overseas printer. It’s hard to see this local volume ever increasing unfortunately, so we’re unlikely to have local stock anytime soon.

My order has not arrived – what should I do?

Please email with your order details (and your order ID Number if you have it please!) and we will look into this immediately! We reply to most emails within 12 hours, and all within 24 hours.

My shipping address is different to my billing address – where do I enter these?

Easy! At checkout you will see you have the option to set your shipping and billing addresses as the same or different. Please be aware this can sometimes cause a credit card to be rejected due to anti-fraud systems. If this is the case, we recommend using PayPal as your alternative payment processor.

Do you ship to American “APO” addresses? I can’t seem to find this option in your drop down menu?

Yes we do – just put your APO as your “City” and use the State that the APO is in and we’ll take care of it.

Why does a “free shipping” product offer sometimes show a shipping charge?

If the product is a “free shipping world-wide” product, such as the Hot Yoga MasterClass Full Color Paperback Package, or the Home Practice Kit, then there will be a shipping charge of $0.00 shown. Occasionally a product is offered with “free shipping” in the US-only, in which case the shipping charges shown for other destinations will most certainly be discounted!

Do Australian purchases include GST?

Yes, all Hot Yoga Doctor products delivered to Australia include GST and your email receipt is labeled as a Tax Invoice. If you specifically need a separate Tax Invoice for your business GST accounting, please ask at and we’ll be glad to send you one.

How do I download the MP3? How does this work?

Here’s how it works (it is pretty simple and if you have any issues, we’re here to help). After your purchase is completed, you will see a “download” link on your receipt/purchase invoice while online. Click that link and you’ll be taken to a download page. Simply “right click” on the files to download them to your computer. You will also receive an email which contains the download instructions and links (please check your spam box and make sure you can receive mail from You may wish to “whitelist” orders@ and See for instructions.).

My Home Practice Kit Manual didn’t arrive. When will it be sent?

Firstly thank you very much for your purchase!

If your enquiry is about the shipment of the physical DVD & 2 x CDs, we are able to confirm shipment when we reply to your email. If you did not receive those, then please contact us at stating the email address you used to order, or the Order ID, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Re: The Manual. I apologise for any confusion – the 196-page Home Practice Kit Manual is a download-only product. It is described that way on the information page here:

Supplying the manual as a downloadable pdf helps us keep the price to you very low and also satisfies the many, many requests we’ve had for something useful for travel (as you can put it on your computer, iPad, tablet etc!).

By downloading the Manual, you can get started straight away.

The MP3s are identical to the CDs which means you can start practicing without delay, and these provide for convenience for those folks who travel and practice yoga.

How do I add the MP3 class to my iPad, iPhone or iPod?

Go to the Apple tutorial on this page and look under “Tips”. It tells you how to add an mp3, wma or aac file to iTunes.

The files must first be downloaded and residing on the computer where iTunes is, after which the operation is simple!

How do I download the Home Practice Kit (or other zip files) to my iPad, iPhone or iPod?

The iPhone/iPad cannot directly download and unzip files* directly; nor download mp3, other than to stream. This is by design by Apple, as they want to control purchases through iTunes!

We recommend that you:

  1. download to a computer first and unzip them there
  2. then if you wish to use the files on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, just drag them into your iTunes.

Note: If you drag mp3 files files onto your iTunes, when you next sync your device, the mp3 will automatically load (in the “Music” App).

PDF files can also be read in a number of free Apps (and inexpensive paid Apps).

I hope that helps!

* There are some Apps that claim to allow iPads to download and unzip files (both free and paid), but we have not used them directly. If you wish to test this, there is a free iPad unzip App here:

If you still can’t get them to work via a computer and unzipping, don’t be concerned, contact us and we’ll find another way around for you. There’s always Plan B! 😉

Can I have a receipt for my purchase?

You should have received an automatic email purchase receipt from us – sometimes they get into the spam box! Please contact us for a replacement should you need one. If you think you are missing a post-purchase email – for example you have not been given access to downloadable parts of your purchase – then please contact us with details of your order and we’ll happily re-send those for you!

I bought the mp3 and would like to burn it to a CD. Can I do this – and if so, how?

Yes you can, providing it is for personal use only. It is quite easy, here are some instructions. If you have a PC it’s super-simple to burn a CD using Windows media Player – here are instructions:

Once you have downloaded the files, you’ll need to use the “Standing Series” for one CD and the “Floor Series” for the another as one CD cannot hold a 90-minute class. If you have a Mac, it’s also very easy using iTunes:

I can’t seem to download the MP3 or PDF I purchased.

You should have been auto-redirected to a download link post-purchase. You should have received an email post-purchase with the download link and your login details (please check your junk mail or spam box!). Please contact us at if you were not able to download from either of these locations – there’s always a Plan B!

If you can see the download links, but are still having issues downloading or with possible corrupted files, then email with your Order ID and we’ll be right there to help you!

Help! I need a “download extension”

If you did not manage to download your purchase within five days of receiving the post-purchase emails, then we automatically expire the links for security reasons. But you can request a download extension anytime! Just send an email to – please make sure you let us know which email address you used to purchase, as this will be used to locate you in our records, and to send your new download links to. (If that address has changed, we can update that for you, too.)

Downloadable Products

Nowadays many products contain downloadable elements. For all our products, there is a post-purchase email that explains what to expect and how to download any downloadable elements. Downloads are valid for a period of 5 days, purely for security purposes, but you can request an extension to this at any time. You have lifetime access to your downloads! (We recommend you keep your own backups where possible.)

Previous purchases

You may have purchased from the Hot Yoga Doctor before, but can no longer access your downloads or purchase information. This may be because we have upgraded our system – website software is always improving, and legacy systems may be vulnerable, so we only maintain current versions of our site. If you need an old receipt re-sent, or want details of a previous purchase, or need an old download restored, feel free to contact us and in most cases, we’ll be able to help!

Payment types accepted

We accept Mastercard and Visa and other well-known cards. All credit card payments are processed through the secure global credit card payments processor, Stripe. Your card number is not stored on our server.

We also accept PayPal (no surcharge is made for this service).

Is your site secure when I make a purchase?

Your transmitted data is secure and encrypted; we only use third-party authorized providers to process orders, we do not store credit card numbers on our site, and our website uses a state-of-the-art SSL certificate (the “s” part of “https://)
to encrypt personal and payment data in the checkout process. You are quite safe, we’ve been doing this since 2008 with zero issues!

Did you know that neither Apple nor Google supply us any details of those who purchase our Apps? They also make it impossible to reply to comments left in App or Play Store reviews. If you have an issue, please contact us here, or via email at, and we’ll do our best to resolve it ASAP! Below you’ll find any common issues relevant to the current releases. As always, please ensure you have the latest versions installed, and try cold-booting your device and re-installing if needed.

Common issues – iOS (iPad and iPhone)

Help! The App is not appearing on my device after purchase!

The Hot Yoga Doctor App is over 1Gb, and Apple will mandate a WiFi connection for downloads of this size (to avoid unwittingly incurring expensive carrier data costs!). The download will take some time, so although you may see your purchase in the App Store, or on iTunes, you may have to wait for a high-speed internet connection to download the initial purchase.

Once you have downloaded the initial purchase, no further internet connection is required. We designed the App to be self-contained, so you can practice your yoga to your heart’s content: no internet connection required! (We can’t be responsible for how quickly you lose battery charge though!)

There’s no sound on the videos? (iPhone only)

Thanks for supporting the App! Please check you have the latest version of the App downloaded.

Please check that you do NOT have the “Ringer” set to silent. If it is, then you won’t hear any sound (except via headphones). For our App to play sound, the “Ringer silent” must be turned off (ie the phone must be set to ring).

Please check you do not have your phone set to “Ringer mode silent” – if so, turn back to “on” and turn the volume fully up. That should restore the sound.

Here is the Apple info about those settings:

If you still do not have sound, it is usually only a question of a cold reboot (or sound-toggling, but that’s usually only applicable to the iPad).

The first step is to restart your device as a “cold reboot”. This will clear out any unwanted sound settings.

Here are the iPhone cold reboot instructions:

  • Hold down the “Home” button and the “On/off” button together until the device turns off and you see the Apple logo. This will restart your device cleanly, and should restore the sound.

If that does not work, please send a support request to:, and include details of your device and iOS version.

There’s no sound on the videos? (iPad only)

Thanks for supporting the App! Please check you have the latest version of the App downloaded.

The first step is to restart your device as a “cold reboot”. This will clear out any unwanted sound settings.

Here are the iPad cold reboot instructions:

  1. Hold down the “Home” button and the “On/off” button together until the device turns off and you see the Apple logo. This will restart your device cleanly, and should restore the sound.
  2. If that does not work, it may be a combination of the sound settings used by the “Toggle” switch on the side of the iPad. If so, please try the following:
  3. In settings, navigate to General –> Sounds
  4. Set ‘Lock Sounds’ to ‘On’
  5. Navigate back to ‘General’ and set ‘Use Side Switch to: ‘Mute’
  6. Slide the Side Switch away from the middle of the long side of the iPad towards the narrow end. The red dot should not be showing and on the screen you will see a ringer bell icon appear with no line through it.
  7. Make sure the volume is turned up (use the sliders on the side) and test the Hot Yoga Doc App again.

If none of the above works, please send a support request to:, and include your device and iOS version details.

Occasional issues – Android version (has occurred only a handful of times)

Are you seeing Google Play errors or App not loading, or App briefly displays, then crashes?

First, please check you have downloaded the latest updates from the Google Play Store.

You may have to check the following: Is there sufficient room in your SD storage to allow the App to run? (The App is quite large.)

There are required extension files in the SD storage that are needed for the App to run – have any files been deleted since installation? If so, you would need to re-install to restore operations.

And finally – have you tried deleting and re-installing the App? we realize this is a nuisance, since the download is over 1Gb and requires WiFi, but it may fix the issue. Sometimes a download file is corrupted during the download process.

If you see Google Play Store error 481, this relates to insufficient space available on the device.

The Hot Yoga Doctor App is over 1Gb, so first check that you have sufficient storage space on your phone. (You can always clear out other Apps or media on your SD card before re-downloading.)

Occasionally this error can be caused by an interruption in the download (intermittent or unstable WiFi or internet connection for example).

If clearing extra space does not work, you may have to clear out the Google Play Store cache and try downloading again. See instructions below:

  • Go to phone menu > settings.
  • Select ‘Apps’
  • Go to the list with all Apps.
  • Select ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Android Market’
  • Press ‘Clear Cache’, ‘Force Stop’ and ‘Clear data’ in this sequence.
  • Open the Play Store and try to download the App again.
  • The problem may be solved and the error may not appear anymore. You may have to log in with your Google Account credentials again.

If none of the above works, please send a support request to: