Yoga Stretching Exercises - 15…

Yoga Stretching Exercises - 15 Minutes A Day!

Hello fellow Yoginis & Yogis!

I believe practicing yoga asana (or poses) is an excellent metaphor for our emotional, mental and physical state. Stretching is definitely a way to find more space, ease and receptiveness in this world and not be curled up tight into a ball of stress almost cocooning ourselves away from experience.

I have a good friend called Lucas who is also a yoga teacher. We were talking and I was telling him I want to put together another ebook for my readers. The last one was really very popular and we had such great feedback. I asked Lucas if he would contribute an article.

Well, he sent me an article. In actual fact that is wrong. He sent me an ebook! I really love it.

>> UPDATE: No longer publicly available. Lucas has significantly updated the Stretching Guide and it is now available here: Complete At Home Stretching Guide15-Mins A Day!

It is a complete at-home stretching guide with interesting facts backing it up, linking diet to flexibility. It is really nicely written and although you may not agree with *all* the dietary advice it is definitely worth working your way right through it.

I did and I started on them immediately after I finished the last page (I really did!). There are some beautifully effective exercises in there that will really advance your yoga practice.

It’s so nice of Lucas to let me offer this valuable guide to you free. So many people read and ask questions on the forum about how to stretch certain areas of their tight bodies, hips, lower backs, shoulders. This is a great way to get you started on a simple effective stretch program. Lucas recommends 5 days a week 15 minutes a time. But you can do whatever you want: before a Hot Yoga class, after a Bikram class, when you get up in the morning; you decide.

Here is the link to the Stretching Guide on Lucas’ site - I am sure you will enjoy it and hope you will as much as I did. Please come back and leave your comments on it too. I would love to hear your feedback.

>> Complete At Home Stretching Guide15-Mins A Day!



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Thank you.

I love this scientific and logical approach.

I am taking a print and starting to practice from today.


Posted by Debapriya  on  04/14  at  04:34 AM

great site
both yours and lucas’

Posted by stacy graves  on  04/14  at  05:37 AM

I’ve already added these stretches into my practice. Thanks fo much to both of you for sharing this valuable information. I’m starting to notice the benefits after just one week!


Posted by jule  on  04/14  at  10:57 AM

Thank you for the copy , I just read it and is a great gift.

Thank you again.
Miami Fl

Posted by LEA  on  04/14  at  08:19 PM

This is a fabulous resource, one that I am so thankful for. It will surely deepen the benefits of my Bikram practice. Again many thanks and Namaste.—Barbara

Posted by Barbara  on  04/15  at  10:50 AM

Usually when I was streching my body before,after that practice I felt flexible only short time. Two weeks ago I tried Lucas method, and I was really suprised. When I am streching in the morning, flexibility is remaining almost up to evening. Rag doll for 5 minutes is so hard for my hamstrings. I felt there weaknes and tirednes.So I did a little change. Through I do rag doll I usually touching the ground below me. Its help me feel more comfortable. Now I have quit lucas streching for a while because I catch cold. So I daily practising only standig poses of Bikram yoga sequence. But I am looking forward to use lucas method again after cold will gone.            Namaste Stefan

Posted by stefan  on  04/16  at  01:52 AM

Hi Gabrielle,

What great information, I plan to do them, when I can! Thanx very much for making this information available to all of us.

Posted by Lisa Sheldon  on  04/16  at  08:58 PM

smile Hello, I really want to thank you for this great stretching guide, my boyfriend who never had done bikram before could enyoy this without any stiffness after, and I am very pleased about the question forum you have made as well!! I di have one question, what can it be when a person have done bikram for the 4th time and get this strange headake close to the eyes and ears? She was not dehydrated and she is also a rawfood eater and take very good care of her health, she was to afraid to go back after that happend so what do you think? The headake dissapeared after 4 days.
Have a wonderful friday!

Greetings from Anne-Li

Posted by Anne-Li Sool  on  04/17  at  06:48 AM

Hi Gabrielle,
Practicing already!.

Thank you Lucus

Posted by pearl  on  04/17  at  07:17 AM

Gabrielle, please tell Lucas Rockwood thank you. 
This information really helps focus an overall stretch routine, and target specific areas of the body that need work/are injured.

That you and he provided it free makes it even more powerful!!  That’s how love is supposed to work.
Phillip Ranelli

Posted by philran  on  04/17  at  10:55 AM

This stretching guide is super, just 15 mins a day and each week you stretch the whole body.  I found it hard to keep up with the one and half hours it takes to practise Bikram - this is ideal - thanks for sharing it with us.

Posted by mary  on  04/18  at  03:48 AM

excaim hi its good. thanks for your guide

Posted by padma  on  04/18  at  08:08 AM

Wow! Thank YOU everybody. I am overwhelmed with your messages of appreciation.

I really love Lucas’ book. I love the easy, practical approach of it - just 15 mins per day, or focus on as many areas as you like in one ‘sitting’ by stringing them together.

It has been our pleasure to offer it to you and to read the many lovely thank you notes (here and by email) that keep materializing!

Our lives are all the richer for sharing

Gabrielle smile

Posted by Gabrielle  on  04/18  at  05:18 PM

@ Anne-Li

Just thought I would answer Anne-Li’s question about her friend with the headaches. It really should be nothing to worry about. This yoga gives the body unparalleled opportunity to cleanse and heal. And although your friend has a beautiful clean diet and is healthy, there is always stuff to flush out (on more than just the physical level too).

I answered a similar question to this a while back on the forum. Here is the link:
In my experience, your friend’s reaction is only temporary and will disappear leaving her healthier than before.

Gabrielle smile

Posted by Gabrielle  on  04/18  at  06:23 PM

Hi gabrielle,

Just started yesterday.
these stretches might be the answer to all my problems.
Been doin bikrams for just over a year but only once or maybe twice a week.  Im 35 and am not very flexible so im hoping these might do the trick.
I might even change my diet but some of the changes mentioned seem a bit drastic to me but
i suppose for people doin yoga 5 times a week it
might be different. 
this is where i take my classes and she’s very
good in my opinion. 


Posted by liam  on  04/19  at  07:26 AM

Thank you.

I love this scientific and logical approach.

I am taking a print and starting to practice from today.

With best regards

Posted by Shri kumaran  on  04/24  at  10:51 PM

Hi Gabrielle,

I’ve recently started bikram yoga and love it but I am looking for an at home stretching guide.  Could you please send me Lucas’ link to his 15minutes stretching exercises.

Thank you for your amazing website it is a wealth of information.

Posted by Jacqueline  on  09/24  at  07:40 AM

It is not a free book, cost $97.00

Posted by temuci  on  01/29  at  07:17 PM

Hi temuci

We have had this page and link here for years. I will take the time to see if what is being said here needs to be reviewed or if over there at Lucas’ website if his content has changed to be perhaps a little misleading.

The guide is free. The product he is selling is not.

I hope you enjoy the rest of my website!

Gabrielle smile

Posted by Gabrielle  on  01/29  at  07:22 PM

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