60-Minute Strength, Cardio & Toning Class

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60-Minute Strength, Cardio & Toning Class


60-Minute Strength, Cardio & Toning Class

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Product Description

Strength, Cardio & Toning Class

If you are familiar with the poses Bikram chose for his popular 90-min class then you’ll love this exclusive 60-min “Strength, Cardio and Toning” Class – recorded live in 2011.

Strength Cardio Toning Class

  • 40 mins standing poses
  • 20 mins floor poses
  • Mixes up double and single pose sets (keeps you on your toes!)
  • The most precise instructions for “Standing Head To Knee” – no more struggling with this often challenging pose!
  • Includes innovative “flow” sections for Warrior Sequence
  • Includes innovative “flow” sections for Spine Flexibility Poses (Supta Vajrasana to Kapalbhati)
  • Additional psoas & hip opening poses

Energizing and positive, this shorter class is the ideal thing when you are travelling; when you don’t have time to go to a studio … or if you simply fancy some variety!


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