A Transformational Technique For Your Practice, For Your Life

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Hello again,

It’s true, I do believe this particular technique is transformational.

Though it is quick to learn and fundamentally simple, that doesn’t mean you won’t gain deeply satisfying benefits from practicing it.

Strangely enough, it’s considered a little controversial, especially in the yoga community. Go figure.

Anyway, if it helps you, that’s all I care about!

I do know that thousands of my own students have felt liberated from using it and will never go back … and I believe if you practice this you will:

  • Immediately reduce risk of injury and lower wear and tear on your body;
  • Feel better emotionally – more open; more “released”;
  • Enjoy deeper savasanas and breathing in your yoga classes – especially standing;
  • You will breathe more effectively;
  • You will feel and look more confident; and better yet
  • You will move forward in your yoga journey, and I hope, your life.

By the way, if you are one of the few who already practices this technique I’d love to hear from you – I have added extra depth in the video that I hope gives you more inspiration, even if you already know to do this!

You can watch the 18-minute full explanation and demonstration here (just click play on the video below) – or if you prefer, you can download in two different formats:

Back pockets video download (Windows 140Mb)

Back pockets video download (Mac 68Mb)

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I really hope you enjoy the benefits of this as much as I have over the last 9 years – I’d love to hear your feedback as always – please leave your comments below!