Launched only months ago, (to join the iPhone and iPad app in the app store) the Hot Yoga Doctor App now comes in Android flavor!


Now you can practise the world’s most popular hot yoga (26 +2)anywhere, with an app that doesn’t need an internet connection.

Why is this app special?

Hot Yoga on the Move gives you the full 90 minute class, but also 2 shorter double set classes of 35 and 60 minutes when you have limited time.

But it’s much more than just a tool for home practice. With the help of some fun and cool interactive quizzes you can learn the names of all the poses and test yourself on where they fall in the sequence. Test yourself and have fun with your friends.

Use the App as a guide to dramatically improve your poses. You don’t need to use this just for the classes. If you have a problem pose, just go to the asana in the Pose Menu, watch a mini-tutorial video, learn how to pronounce it in English and Sanskrit … and find out the benefits.

Importantly, you can learn each and every pose step-by-step with photos of every moment including photos of the common mistakes and then how to fix them. Your practice will dramatically improve and you’ll learn the Hot Yoga Doctor’s tips that create a safe and super-satisfying practice.

Get it here:


Most hot yoga and Bikram method apps are only studio schedules for times and booking. Hot Yoga on the Move is the only Android and Apple App that has recorded classes*, detailed instructions and practice tips, as well as educational and fun quizzes for the Bikram method and hot yoga passionate practitioners!

* The App is just over 1Gb for the initial install. This installs all the videos required so you never need an internet or cell connection after the first download. Practice even in the darkest, deepest jungle**!

** Assuming your phone or tablet is sufficiently charged, haha!

Here’s the link for all your Apple-flavored devices!