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    Hi! I started Bikram Yoga about three weeks ago and go twice a week. I love the class and am fine during the class and after i feel great. However, about 2 or 3 hours after class I will start to develop a bad fever which gets worse throught the night. I go to bed feeling feverish and weak and have a fever all night but wake up feeling fine! This has happened everytime I’ve done the class! What’s this all about?? Can the Yoga doctor or someone give me some advice and explanation as to why this is happening!!

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    It is possibly your body acclimatising to the hot room which can take a few weeks. Remembering back, I used to feel really overheated at night when I first started (I practice at night and finish class at about 9pm). I rarely experience it now, but if I’ve had a really demanding session my body seems to take a lot of time “cooling” down.

    However there are some other threads which discuss (what may be) similar issues – try the search function for “fever” and see if any of the posts resonate with you.


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    yes this is very common as your core body temp figures out what to do!!!! it is working hard to cool you down in class then about 30 – 60 mins later you can DROP getting chilly and again overcompensating get hot or feverish again. it is like a teeter-totter your body is trying to balance

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    Hi Zahra

    Please come back and tell us whether you are still getting this problem in another week in the same way.

    I have to say that it is NOT common at all to get a fever after class. Your body is an expert at dealing with the incredible inputs you encounter on a day by day and moment by moment basis. If you are well hydrated and well nourished are not immunologically suppressed, if your studio is not too hot and the conditions are optimum then your reactions are very odd indeed.

    What can you say about the temperatures in the studio itself? How long are you staying in Savasana afterwards? What do you do after class? Where do you go, what do you eat, what is the first sign that something is not right? Anything you can think of. Work through the moments after class. What would happen for example if next time you went to class and you just stayed in the room and didn’t participate? Lots of things coming to mind that we can explore. Get back to me after you’ve had a moment to reflect.

    Gabrielle 🙂

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    Yes I got a bad head cold when I started, just getting over it now after two weeks. I think it is part of the initial detox process. It is also possible that your immune system becomes compromised (due to the temperature fluctuations) until you become used to it.

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