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    I would like input on humidifiers I’ve seen information on here but still kind of confusing. I want to be able to go to small community centers or corporate offices and teach hot yoga. Trying to find the correct humidifier to do this. Had a few questions maybe this forum can answer
    1. Does it matter if its a warm mist or evaporative unit?
    2. I found lots of units on wheels but do some need a place to drain while others drain within the units?
    3. I figure the noise level matters but if I get it to the specified heat/humidity level I would just turn it off so should I make noise level a factor?
    4. I’ve seen units from $30 to $200 but I wanted a unit that was just as efficient in a 10×10 room as well as a 2300 square foot room..Any unit suggestions?
    5. Air washing technology….is that important?
    Any other recommendations when it comes to a humidifier?

    Thanks everyone

    Gabrielle (The Hot Yoga Doctor)
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    Hi Greg

    I have been away, sorry I haven’t been able to help you.

    A humidifier for a 10 by 10 room wouldn’t really be great for a 2300 sq ft room. However, if you bought a very powerful one then you would barely need it on for the little room at all. You’d just use it as a primer.

    I can’t remember if others have given feedback on certain models on the forum. But I do know that Amazon is a great place to read reviews of products.

    Come back and tell us which one you end up choosing and if it suits your purpose. I am sure it will be valued information for future visitors.

    Gabrielle 🙂

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    It also depends upon the type of heat is used in a studio. A radiantly heated studio will need dehumidifiers, not humidifiers.

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