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    I practice and teach Ashtanga Yoga since last 5 years, have just started practicing hot yoga also….the natural temperature in our rooms at present is about 35-36 degree Celsius and it will remain stay hot in the country for another 6 months, this gives us an ideal time to practice hot yoga. Do you think we can work in this natural heat of 95-100 degree Fahrenheit or we still need to bring it to 105. I have learnt that humidity level should be somewhere 40 to 60, is that right?

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    Hi Samina

    Your studio is plenty hot enough. There is neither magic nor mystery with the 105 degree figure. It’s a newish ‘fad’ to quote it. Your studio is plenty hot enough. Work on a general rule of aiming for body temperature. And really 105 is an upper limit and gives absolutely no margin of safety for the body.

    Humidity levels are good from 30 up. You’ll find that generally speaking 40 – 60 makes for a satisfying sweat.

    Imagine how much more environmentally friendly your studio can be by using naturally available heat! Lucky you

    Gabrielle 🙂

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