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Hot Yoga MP3 Download: 90 Minute Class


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Hot Yoga MasterClass Class on 90-Minute MP3

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Hot Yoga MP3 Download!

Take a LIVE Hot Yoga Class with Gabrielle Raiz, the Hot Yoga Doctor.

This 90-minute class was recorded in a LIVE hot yoga studio environment. You’ll feel like you are in your own hot yoga class, practicing with all your friends! In this energetic, fast-paced and motivational class, Gabrielle provides precise instructions for pose entries and exits as well as telling you “in the moment” tips; techniques and corrections.

Click the player below to listen to a short sample (First set of Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana):

This classic hot yoga class consists of 26-poses and two breathing exercises.

Audio classes are great for:

  • Practicing at home;
  • Listening on your iPod;
  • Reviewing poses;
  • Use when travelling or on holiday;
  • Burn to CD (or order the physical CDs – see below) and invite your friends round for a class!

This Hot Yoga MP3 Download will be available for instant access post-purchase [109Mb] in 3 convenient mp3 formats. There is the full class on one mp3 and we have also split the mp3 into two separate files: The standing series mp3, and floor-series mp3, for easy burning to CD.

Also available as two physical CDs for only $32.99 plus shipping. Click here to order CDs.
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  • Elizabeth Vitell says:

    Thank you so much for the audio class. My daughter and I used it this morning in Florida, outside, so it was very different from being in the studio, but with no hot yoga option, we found it the best possible way keep our practice going while visiting family in a town with no Bikram.
    We enjoyed listening to your voice and instruction and would love to come to Australia one day to visit your studio

  • Sean Kennedy says:

    Very thorough and specific narration. Gabrielle gives some great tips to achieve these postures.

  • Warren B says:

    Hello all! I found that I was able to do a good yoga session at home (heated room of course!). But, the best thing about the CD/MP3 is that with it loaded into the iPod I can take it on the road with me and practise wherever I am – an excellent way to unwind and keep the practice up.

  • Lee Cotee says:

    I turn a heater on full blast in my bathroom, fill the tub with very hot water, lay out my mats and turn on the MP3. It’s great to be able to do this at home! By staying close to the tub, and therefore, humidity source, I’m able to sweat almost as much as I do in the real hot yoga studio. I’d recommend this to anyone who has an orientation already to Bikram yoga.

  • ozra johnson says:

    Many thanks for your help in the downloading of your class, it is now safely on my ipod. Took it to Florida and although didn’t get to practise much, I did listen to the class whilst walking on the beach and found it inspiring and motivating. Looking forward to using it, but now that I am back to the reality of the UK weather just need somewhere warm to practise!

  • Donna says:

    A wonderful audio class! I’ve done Bikram for over 20 years, and I really enjoyed Gabrielle’s upbeat and loving style of dialogue. Thanks so much!

  • rosario phillips says:

    Thanks for giving me the chance to practice everyway I go, the audio class is so motivating!

  • Chris Budzban says:

    The CD is great, but I also recommend the instructional guide with pictures of all the postures. It has helped me improve my technique immensely. Gabrielle also provided great customer service when I had a couple of questions about the product. Writing this review is my way of showing her how much I appreciated it.
    Thanks again,

  • Robin Boles says:

    This mp3 hot yoga class has been amazing for me, because we travel alot so now I can do hot yoga in my hotel room!! I absolutely love it! Your instructions are very clear and concise and make me feel as if I am in my class in Bangkok. Thank you so much—this is exactly what I needed.

  • Andrew K. says:

    Notice the 5-stars awarded in each prior review…that really speaks to the quality of Gabrielle’s Hot Yoga 90-minute class recording available conveniently in mp3 format.

    Bikram yoga is a passion of mine, and having moved to a new city without a true Bikram studio, I scoured the internet searching for downloadable 90-minute hot yoga dialogues that I could use in my own home practice. I was able to find a few that I would comparatively rate with 2 or 3 stars – passable alternatives to a legitimate studio experience.

    But after finding my way to the “HotYogaDoctor” and her Hot Yoga Audio Class, I haven’t practiced to any of the other dialogues ever since. A session with Gabrielle at the helm is so rich in detailed instruction – I experience a new personal revelation each and every time through. By also managing to gently guide even the most novice Bikram practitioner through the challenging series in a clear and concise manner, Gabrielle’s Hot Yoga Audio Class is unquestionably the cream of the crop.

    Thanks Gabrielle for all your help with my personal practice.

  • Christyn J says:

    Thank you for offering such a well rercorded class. I use this 3-4 times a week in my bathroom to fill in the days I’m unable to sneek off to the torture chamber. I highly reccomend this for home use!

  • L Moore says:

    For practising hot yoga at home, your audio class is fantastic. Your instructions are precise, clear and easy to follow, and have already made a difference to a couple of my poses. Thanks!Also, the CDs arrived much sooner than I imagined as I’m in the UK.

  • Maurine says:

    I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful CD I recently purchased. I could not get to my normal Bikram class this weekend and tried Gabrielle’s Hot Yogc CD and loved it. Gabrielle is not forceful in any way and by the end of the 90 minute class, I felt “taken care of”. I never felt that in any of my other Hot Yoga classes.

  • Hanna says:

    This audio class is very helpful for me since I don’t have the money and the time to attend to classes very often. Gabrielles voice is friendly and inspiring which eases the hard workout. Since english is not my native language, I need to concentrate a bit harder to instructions but that will hopefully take less energy when I understand and remember the asanas better. Thank You for this “supply” which ables to do yoga at home!

  • Judy Tergis says:

    I think Gabrielle is a great teacher! Her passion and expertise is giving me a real boost in my yoga practice. I bought the CD then went on to buy her Hot Yoga Master Class book and DVDs. What a great package!

  • Christina says:

    I LOVE my audio class – I’ve been to a few Bikram classes locally to me and the instructor always seemed bored and uninspired and there was rarely any instructions on correcting postures. However Gabrielle’s audio class is just the opposite and you really feel her presence in “class”. It was worth every penny… thank you!

  • amy mcmahan says:

    I needed an alternate to my Bikram CD and Gabrielle is a breath of fresh air. Her positive and constructive approach is much appreciated.

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