Hot Yoga Classes – Best Value CD “Mega Pack”

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Hot Yoga Classes – Best Value CD “Mega Pack”


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Best Value CD ‘Mega Pack’


Best Value “Mega Pack”

All 4 Hot Yoga Classes on 7 x CDs for:

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Get all four of Gabrielle’s famous Hot Yoga Classes in the same package – and all shipped free, anywhere in the world!

Contains the original Hot Yoga MasterClass live 90-minute class on 2-CDs, and 2 other 90-minute classes on 4-CDs, and a wonderful 60-minute “Strength, Cardio and Toning Class”!

All recorded live – from high-energy, to deep focus, you’ll love feeling like you are “in the room”!

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Hot Yoga CD Mega Pack

  • Andrea says:

    Gabrielle, I just wanted to thank you for doing these new audio classes. I have been doing the Hot Yoga Master Class since July of 2011 and it has changed every aspect of my life. The new audios are a great change to doing the same classes over and over. In my practice it was just in time. I never would give up or get bored because I would mix up the different classes, but having these as a stepping stone to keep moving forward in my practice is perfect. Again, thank you for everything. Namaste.

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