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Hot Yoga Home Practice Kit DVD Video Version


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Hot Yoga At Home! Hot Yoga MasterClass 196-Page Home Practice Manual, DVD, CDs, AND MP3.


Hot Yoga Home Practice Kit (Video & AudioVersion)
Includes 196-Page Home Practice Manual, DVD, CDs, MP3s

Physical DVD and 2 x CDs, Home Practice Manual Instant Download AND Instant MP3 Download, so you can get started TODAY.

Read the FULL description of exactly what is involved in setting up your Home Practice here:

Learn how to set-up your own hot yoga practice at home and make sure you get all the benefits – with or without the heat!

Take a LIVE Hot Yoga Class with Gabrielle Raiz, using the Home Practice Manual, Hot Yoga Doctor DVD or CDs and MP3s (great for traveling!).

The DVD also allows you to reference each pose on a pose-by-pose basis; as well as choose from a range of classes – great if you are stretched for time!

(Click “Play” below to watch snippets from DVD Vol I)

The 90-minute class, featuring the classic 26 hot yoga poses, was recorded in a LIVE hot yoga studio environment – you’ll feel like you are in your own hot yoga studio, practicing with all your friends!

In this energetic, fast-paced and motivational class, you’ll hear Gabrielle not only giving precise instructions for pose entries and exits; but also providing “in the moment” tips; techniques and corrections.

Click the player below to listen to a short sample of the Audio Class (First set of Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana):

This classic hot yoga class consists of 26-poses and two breathing exercises.

Audio classes are great for:

  • Practicing at home;
  • Listening on your iPod;
  • Reviewing poses;
  • Use when traveling or on holiday;
  • Use the CD and invite your friends round for a class!

What you’ll get in this Home Practice Kit (Audio Version):

1. One Professionally Pressed DVD (Value $39.00):

Hot Yoga at Home DVD

Here’s EXACTLY What’s In The DVD:

  • A 35-minute class
  • A 60-minute class
  • A 75-minute class
  • A 90-minute class
  • An all standing poses “class” (double set)
  • An all floor poses “class” (double set)
  • Pose-by-pose menu selection

Total “running time” (all class variations): 5 hrs 50mins

* DVD is REGION FREE, professionally pressed & printed (not burned) and will play on any DVD Player or Computer and on both NTSC and PAL systems.

2. *Two x Professionally Pressed CDs (Value $32.99): 1 x Standing Series (52m:06s); 1 x Floor Series (42m:49s). We ship from the US to any destination.

3. 196-Page Home Practice Manual (Value $19.95): Includes full class dialog and full color Pose Photos for each Pose, each set, Pose benefits, Sequences and Timings and Key Safety Elements. For instant download post purchase so you can get started TODAY! (Available as pdf only – please note this is an electronic product, not a physical book).

4. MP3 Download (Value $14.99): For instant download post-purchase [90Mb] in 3 convenient mp3 formats (full 90-minute class mp3; and also split into separate standing series mp3 and floor-series mp3 for ease of use).

* Please note only one set of 2 CDs per Home Practice Kit will be shipped. Product shows as “downloadable only” for this MEGAPACK to enable mp3 & pdf downloads, but the two CDs ARE high-quality physical products, shipped from the US. If you would like multiple copies of any CDs then we suggest you purchase those separately here: Purchase CDs Only

How is this different to The Hot Yoga MasterClass? Do I need both?

Great question!

(If you’ve not yet seen the Hot Yoga MasterClass – the definitive “how to” reference for hot yogis around the world … then head over here first: See The Hot Yoga MasterClass )

I’ve put together a handy comparison table that shows the key differences for you (and by the way, a ton of folks own both, so you can always add one or the other at a later date and still learn more!).

304 page Manual
196 page Manual
DVD Volume One
Full 90-min Class and all Double-Set variants
Total “running time” (all class variations): 5 hrs 50mins
DVD Volume Two
Single Set Classes
Total “running time” (all class variations): 4 hrs 05mins
16-Page QuickStart Guide
Hot Yoga Poses Poster (2-parts)
CDs x 2
(CD 1 – Standing series; CD 2 – Floor Series)
(For iPod/iPhone etc same as CD 1 & CD 2)
Hot Yoga MasterClass 
Ships with order
Ships with order
Ships with order
Ships with order
Ships with order

Home Practice Kit
Video & Audio  
Downloadable product
Download only.
Ships with order
Ships with order
Downloadable product
Download only.

Home Practice Kit
Audio Only  
Downloadable product
Download only.
Ships with order
Downloadable product
Download only.

Ships with order = Physical product shipped to your door Downloadable product = Downloadable product

Here’s a quick summary:

The Hot Yoga MasterClass Manual is a step-by-step guide from beginning to end of all the yoga poses in the series. It has 744 full color photos showing the technique and also many of the mistakes that invade practice. It is the most in depth Hot Yoga resource available and can be used by beginners and advanced students.

The Home Practice Kit Manual helps you with the nuts and bolts descriptions on how to create and heat your space at home. It covers many, many considerations from how to set up mirrors, mats, heaters (even some brand suggestions), how to ensure you keep the space hot.

It also includes a section on mat selection, what to do if you travel, and there is a comprehensive FAQ section and some class variation suggestions for when you don’t have 90 minutes to practice. After the FAQ you will find the transcript to the class that I currently have available (and that comes with the Kit).

As you get to each pose you will find a list of the benefits of each pose. There are also photos that show the end pose (and no technique photos) – one for each side and each set. Then the words from that pose follow.

The Home Practice Kit is aimed squarely at those who want some guidance for a home-only practice (or are traveling). It also comes with CDs & MP3 in both versions for a “practice along to a live class” experience. Common mistakes are not covered in as much depth (except where mentioned in the video and audio) and there are no photos of common mistakes in the manual.

Help! I think I want both!

No problem – I recommend that you purchase the AUDIO Version of the Home Practice Kit so you don’t double up on DVD Volume One, which is in both packages. We have a super-deal if you want both – please contact us or check back here later when the automatic link is live! Purchase Hot Yoga MasterClass AND the Home Practice Kit (Audio Version) together. Coming soon!

  • Elizabeth Vitell says:

    Thank you so much for the audio class. My daughter and I used it this morning in Florida, outside, so it was very different from being in the studio, but with no hot yoga option, we found it the best possible way keep our practice going while visiting family in a town with no Bikram.
    We enjoyed listening to your voice and instruction and would love to come to Australia one day to visit your studio

  • Sean Kennedy says:

    Very thorough and specific narration. Gabrielle gives some great tips to achieve these postures.

  • Warren B says:

    Hello all! I found that I was able to do a good yoga session at home (heated room of course!). But, the best thing about the CD/MP3 is that with it loaded into the iPod I can take it on the road with me and practise wherever I am – an excellent way to unwind and keep the practice up.

  • Lee Cotee says:

    I turn a heater on full blast in my bathroom, fill the tub with very hot water, lay out my mats and turn on the MP3. It’s great to be able to do this at home! By staying close to the tub, and therefore, humidity source, I’m able to sweat almost as much as I do in the real hot yoga studio. I’d recommend this to anyone who has an orientation already to Bikram yoga.

  • ozra johnson says:

    Many thanks for your help in the downloading of your class, it is now safely on my ipod. Took it to Florida and although didn’t get to practise much, I did listen to the class whilst walking on the beach and found it inspiring and motivating. Looking forward to using it, but now that I am back to the reality of the UK weather just need somewhere warm to practise!

  • Maurine says:

    I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful CD I recently purchased. I could not get to my normal Bikram class this weekend and tried Gabrielle’s Hot Yogc CD and loved it. Gabrielle is not forceful in any way and by the end of the 90 minute class, I felt “taken care of”. I never felt that in any of my other Hot Yoga classes.

  • Lesley Renee says:

    I purchased Hot Yoga at Home set and I must say it is very helpful to my exercise routine. I had been taking Bikram Hot Yoga at a live class and really loved it, but the hours when the class was available at my studio did not fit my schedule and I was not a fan of heat or the smells. I went to California to take care of my cousin during her recovery from major surgery and took a 6am class. That is when I got on the interent and found this site. I purchased it the same day. Now I can get up, start my class at 5am and still have time to get dressed for work. If I can’t exercise any more that day, at least I did something and I avoid the heat and the smells and travel. True, just doing the poses at room temperature I don’t get the same depth of stretch yet but I always felt that the heat was an artificial boost and flexibility is a general state of being not something that you archive just in a hot room. I would not suggest that you start the At Home Hot Yoga until you have taken a month or more of actual classes, to me the fact that I have the live class as my base of knowledge is what make the At Home DVD or MP3 so much more useful. My only suggestion is for improvement of this system is that while you have the still shots of the poses Gabrielle should also have a split screen showing how the move is done in live motion. While I don’t really watch the screen all the time seeing the pose done in real time would be helpful if I forget. That said, I really enjoy the at home program. My ultimate goal is to strap my i-pod arm band on and do the 90 minute Hot Yoga class with Gabrielle on the beach at sunrise one day. We all have goals and that is just one of mine. I am not saying that I will never take another Hot Yoga live class, I am sure I will if I go out of town again, but the versatility of the At Home Program is what make it so great. I definately recommend it.

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