Effective Breathing In Hot Yoga!

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Effective Breathing In Hot Yoga!

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Effective breathing in Hot Yoga can transform your practice, deepen your poses – but wait – much more than that, it can make a spectacular difference to your life!

This 19 minute video gives you the low-down on something we all do but often take for granted.

And who could blame you? For most breathing is an automatic function. So what do you have to do, what techniques can you use, to take your awareness to your breath and improve your yoga practice and your life.

Years of emotional baggage and stresses take their toll and you can develop habits that are not supporting you in living the best life that you can.

This video will help you understand:

  • How breathing causes a physiological calming of your system which in turn has you feeling less stressed
  • How to bridge the Pranayama breathing exercise at the beginning of class to ensure proper breathing technique for the rest of class
  • How to know what noises you should be making in order to be breathing correctly
  • How to feel more vital, generally!
  • The scientific principles that you can use to fill your lungs more deeply than you ever have before

The techniques and skills described link beautifully with the posture techniques described in the first video of this series (”Elbows in your back pockets”).

Breathing is a skill you can work on, and use to enhance every aspect of your life. Get conscious, get the best out of every breath!

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