Flatten your tummy and strengthen your back

/Flatten your tummy and strengthen your back
Flatten your tummy and strengthen your back 2018-01-15T22:53:28+00:00

Flatten your tummy and strengthen your back

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Hello again my Yogi friend!

This 8 minute instructional video will add volumes to your yoga practice – hot or not.


Because I give you a very successful and quick technique to help build your “core strength” without the danger of repetitive sit-ups or stomach curls.

Do this technique before each class and you’ll be amazed at how much stronger you feel!

More importantly, building your core strength has long-lasting benefits:

  • Protecting your back in any kind of lifting
  • Keeping you more “youthful” as you age
  • Preventing embarrassing conditions such as incontinence (men and women) and prostate issues (men)
  • Restoring strength after having children (um … women)

In the video I show you the cheap and easy equipment you’ll need; I demonstrate the technique … and show you how to avoid “classic mistakes”.

I hope you love this technique as much as I do!

We’ve been learning tons about making these videos more accessible and Robert reckons he’s found a better format that should stop any slow or overly choppy streaming, so let us know how it goes this time around. I REALLY wanted to show the technique on a bigger screen – but if there is a problem, we’ll post a smaller file on the low-res page. If for some reason you still have trouble viewing, we’ve now added mp3 audio files for easy download to your iPods!

And here are the downloadable versions:

Building Core Strength download (Windows 74Mb)

Building Core Strength download (Mac 54Mb)

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