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Great posture from the ground up

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Hello again

Who would have thought that high heels and yoga would go together?

Well, I invite you to watch this video and find out just how true this is.

Sometimes our feet are overlooked (no pun intended!). And I want to help you awaken some awareness about your feet and the way they can affect your:

  1. Balance
  2. Alignment
  3. Feelings of wellbeing

In this short video you will learn how to maximize support from your feet even if you don’t have some of those common problems like pronation, flat feet, or weak ankles.

And we will look at how, regardless of how well you balance, you can take some valuable insights away which will:

  • Deepen your practice
  • Challenge your body to create better balance
  • Even walk with a better connection to the earth; and
  • Learn to retrain those muscles in your feet which, for most people have become a little lazy and underused.

The techniques are simple and easy to apply (with a bit of practice wink ) and can be used by everyone!

So watch it by clicking play on the video below, or, if you prefer, download it in two different formats:

Lift Up The Ankles download (Windows 96Mb)

Lift Up The Ankles download (Mac 49Mb)

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